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00:30 “Worse Than Watergate” (16 minutes)
The speaking minds of the far left are all reading from the same script: The Jan. 6 results are shocking evidence that the Capitol protest was “worse than Watergate.” In truth, the partisan show trial is little more than a blatant attack on President Donald Trump.

16:55 Biden’s green energy (7 minutes)
Joe Biden’s government is looking to switch to green new energy as Europe moves in the opposite direction. “The federal government will pass emergency legislation to reactivate coal-fired power plants while Europe takes steps to deal with reduced energy supplies from Russia,” he said telegraph reported.

23:40 America’s belief in God is hitting rock bottom (9 minutes)
A new Gallup poll found that 81 percent of US adults say they believe in God, down six percentage points from just a few years ago. Worse, many of those who believe in God do not believe that God hears or answers their prayers.

32:25 Bible Study: Protection and Deliverance Prayers (16 minutes)
Ancient Israelite priests would beat incense into a fine powder before offering it to the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement. For the high priest, this incense was a matter of life and death before God. Likewise, fervent prayer for God’s people is a matter of survival.

48:10 Celtic Throne feedback (6 minutes)

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