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PARKERSBURG – The following Wood County properties were transferred between May 1 and May 20

* James J. Cirigliano III & Jane E. Cirigliano to Braden M. Johnson & Katelyn M. Bond, Lot 78 North Hills Estates, North Hills District, $278,500.

* Ryan S. Stanley to Amber L. Cool, Lot 207 Brierwood, Williams District, $87,500.

* Areitco Investments LLC to Prince Rentals LLC, Lot 21 Gordon and Ebert Addition, Parkersburg City District, $41,000.

* Deidre L. Marshall to Barbara S. Ream, Section lots 59 & 60 subdivision Albert Congdon Estate, Parkersburg City District, $115,000.

* Jae Rhys Investments LLC to Jason L. Goff, tract 0.270 acres Dupont Road, Lübeck District, $2,000.

* Prosser Land and Timber LLC to Robert C. and Denise M. Pendelebury, Block 79 3/4 acres & Block 2 acres & Block 100 acres, Union District, $256,500.

* Steven L. McClain & Kristin R. Patterson aka Kristin R. Lewis to Steven L. McClain, Lot 3 Lubeck Hills Addition Section E, Lübeck District, $75,000.

* Linda E. Kantiz to Kaisie E. Saunders, Lot 156 Pleasant View Addition, District of Vienna, $123,500.

* Randall B. and Stacy M. Smith to James N. and Christina K. Spychalski, 1,106-acre St. Mary’s Pike acreage and Oil, Gas and Minerals, if any, Parkersburg County, $173,000

* Community Resources Inc. to Joshua E. Freeland, 0.186 acre Nash St. property with exposure, Parkersburg City District, $133,000.

* Stephanie K. Roeckner to Melissa L. Talbott, Lot 20 Riverview Supplement, Vienna District, $120,000.

* Prosser Land and Timber LLC to Timothy A. and Brenda L. Miller, Area 2 tract 36 114/160 acres & tract 178 acres exemptions & tract 47 1/5 acres & tract 1 only, Union District, $225,000

* Cynthia J. Jackson and Marcy J. Vanhemel to Robert W. and Catherine L. Nichols, tract 0.976 acres, Clay District, $75,000.

* Tera M. Cutright, formerly Tera M. Phillips, to Michael and Tina Liyyon, Lot 2 ADA C Nugent Lots, Lübeck District, $63,000

* Robert L. Byers and Nola J. Byers (indirect) to Orville and Carol Trembly, Lots 4 and 5, Amended Plat Oakland Addition, Parkersburg City District, $250,000.

* Jason Johnson, Successor, Executor and Trustee of Michael W. Johnson’s Estate of Raphael and Barbara Vargas, Block 5 Acres, Butcher Bend Road, Slate District, $140,000.

* Clyde G. Way to Christopher L. and Aimee R. Boldman, Lot 52 JW Dils Heirs Addendum #2 and all interests in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Parkersburg City District, $142,000.

* J. David Arnorld to Pit Computers Inc., 0.18 acre lot, West Virginia Route #2 & Parkwood Drive, Parkersburg City County, $350,000

* New Hope Baptist Church, Helen H. Youngblood (indirect), Robert K. Youngblood (indirect), Scott Newell (trustees), David L. Youngblood, Stephen R. Youngblood to Joel and Bernice Reuter, Lot 41 Woodland Park Addition, Parkersburg District, $8,000.

* Michael J. and Pamela R. Higgs to Lisa Higgs, Lot 17 & Section Lot 16 Block 4 Dudley’s second extension, Parkersburg City District, $80,000.

* C-Card Properties LLC to Hannah D. Kelly, Jonathan L. Merinar and Raymond E. Kelley, Lot 212 Fairgrounds Park Addition, Parkersburg City District, $142,500.

* Paul P. Cheng to Kathrine K. Hartley, Lot 54 Brookside Addition, Parkersburg City District, $140,000.

* Timothy N. and Vicki R. Chaney to Keith and April Penn, Lot 7, Block 1, New Dominion, Parkersburg City Borough, $27,500.

* Kristi L. and Gene A. Hendrickson II to Robert J. and Beth M. Wade, Lot 8 Vic-Mar Manor Addition, Williamstown District, $120,000.

* Phyllis E. and John H. Johnson Jr. to Mathew L. Allen, Lot 11 Randolph Addition minus exception, Parkersburg City District, $100,000.

* Daniel and Cienna N. Vandyke to Joseph S. Chen, Lot 90 Greenmont Hills Additionphase 6, District of Vienna, $500,000.

* Stephen C. Smith to Daniel S. and Julia A. Gliden, tract 2.0 acres, US Rt 50 and right of way, $100,000.

* Yuhsiu and Atty Fang Lin to Robert L. Sample, Lot 10, Section 2, River Road Subdivision, District of Vienna, $195,000.

* Terry Lee Layfield to Shari Lynn Flinn, Los 10 Paradise Village #1, Lübeck District, $65,000.

* Timothy A. and Jenny E. Byers to Jonathan D. Bechtold, all rental property 18 Society Hill Acres Addition, Slate District, $600,000.

* Kimberly Lee Hill and Judy Anne Dix (indirect) to Christopher M. and Christina M. Davis, tract 0.6629 acres Davisville Road less right of way, Clay District, $200,000.

* Seneca Trustees Inc. and Fred A. and Linda Lutz (indirectly) to Steven K. McClain, Lot 84 Roselawn Addition, District of Vienna, $57,000.

* Terry M. Topping and Margaret Rose Topping (indirect) to Jamie L. and Clarence B. White Jr., Lot 48 Willowbrook Acres Inc, Parkersburg City District, $265,000.

* JSMN Dollar General Properties LLC to Namdar DG Realty LLC, Lot Burke and 7th Streets, Parkersburg City District, $609,006.21.

* Clerk of Wood County Commission Mark Rhodes, Kelsie Gabbett (indirect), Ludwig M. Squires (indirect) and Goldie Squires (indirect) to Kelsie J. Gabbart, Tygart Creek 26 Acres, Steele District, $2,100.

* Union Creek LLC to BK Properties LLC of Vienna Lot 8 Orchard Park Amendment & Lot 17 G W. Wentz Amendment No. 1 & Lots 48, 50, 52, 54, 56 & 58 L. Dudley, District of Vienna, 2,200. 000$.

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