What is happening in Galion? – Galion’s investigators

GALION – Community newspapers can boost local economies by showcasing community ventures. They enable “mom and pop businesses” to reach their most likely customers. They report on local civic associations, share Chamber of Commerce news, pastry sales, student achievements and often serve as watchdogs for local government.

Community newspapers are much more than paper and ink. Community newspapers bring communities together. They help connect people to those around them.

This is what The Galion Inquirer wants to be for its readers; but just as we are here to serve the community, we also need community input.

We need to hear from civic groups and clubs, from neighbors who see their neighbors serving in the community or pursuing interesting career paths or pursuing unique hobbies or activities.

The Galion Inquirer wants to know what’s important to the community.

Groups, clubs and organizations are encouraged to share their reports and stories or ask for coverage of their activities.

And as Easter approaches, we want to put the spotlight on church or community Easter events.

Send us your ideas for events or stories [email protected] or call 419-946-3010.

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