West Seattle Blog… | FOLLOWUP: Admiral Church chooses a path for his property

(Looking northwest towards Admiral Church. WSB photo from February)

Back in February we reported on a community meeting where Admiral Church The leaders outlined three avenues they are considering to avoid an eventual financial crisis. At a church meeting earlier this month, the church decided which way to go. Like Pastor Rev. Andrew Conley-Holcom“We have decided to start the process of drafting a letter of intent Homestead Community Land Trust To give you our entire real estate assets for the development of permanently affordable, owner-oriented living space. The development will include a flexible space exclusively for Admiral Church Ministries to be continued in the North Admiral neighborhood.” He provided context in a message to the community published in the Community Gazette last Sunday – here is an excerpt:

Those who assembled and those who voted by proxy [on April 3] decided that Admiral Church would no longer be a wealthy landowner in North Admiral. The community has agreed to begin a process through which we recognize who we are and the issues we want to solve in partnership with the Homestead Community Land Trust, which is itself focused on solving the problem of intergenerational poverty. This distinction is not new, but part of a legacy of renewal here at Admiral Church. We are called to honor our ancestors, learn our history, and meet the present moment with the same fierce love and welcoming spirit that has made this church relevant and impactful for generations. So many institutions in our society thrive on their wealth instead of serving their purpose. Admiral Church has always been a purposeful church, meeting place and broadcasting place for faithful people of North Admiral. We choose to trust God even more by carrying Christ’s footsteps out into the world.

The Church occupies half an acre of land at 4320 SW Hill in North Admiral designated for low-rise multi-family development. Its building is 60 years old. Church leaders have been considering some form of rehabilitation for three years. They promise more information about their chosen path soon.

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