Vacant land less than 30 centimeters wide hits Toronto market and attracts attention

A tiny piece of vacant land in Toronto that is less than 30 centimeters wide went on the market for $ 50,000 and already has three offers.

The property is located at 1060 Danforth Avenue in the Danforth and Donlands Avenues area. come on the market Late last month for $ 49,999.

The 0.72 x 105 foot lot sits between a church and a pharmacy and is too small to be built on.

Toronto real estate agent Anthony De Cesare told CTV News Toronto on Sunday that the seller bought the property at auction for $ 5,000 in 2013.

The land was auctioned off by the city of Toronto after the previous owner failed to pay his taxes, De Cesare said.

Photos of the property make it appear much larger than it is. The church on the left owns about 95 percent of the grassy area between the two lots, De Cesare said.

Why would anyone want to buy this property?

It could be a good investment, said De Cesare.

He said if the church or pharmacy next door ever sells, developers might “knock on your door” to buy the strip of land to build.

“I had a person who was interested, he’s 35 years old and said, ‘I want to buy it and keep it until a developer buys me out,'” said De Cesare.

He said he also received interest from a nearby business owner looking to buy the land to put up a billboard.

“It’s a waiting game for anyone who buys this,” said De Cesare, admitting that it doesn’t have much to do with the country anymore.

“It’s getting a lot of attention.”

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