US investor hands over US $ 1 billion church building to Serengeti villagers


The church building was built earlier this year in the village of Natta-Mbiso in Tanzania’s wildlife-rich Serengeti district.

Bishop Michael Msongazila held a special service to bless and dedicate the church last Friday, one day after the investor handed over the church to him.

“The church building was handed over to me yesterday (Thursday evening) and we are blessing it today to officially make it our place of worship,” said the RC bishop.

He thanked the American investor for financing the construction of the church for the village Catholics as well as for supporting local development projects in villages bordering wildlife reserves in the western Serengeti.

“Having a house of worship is also a social development. I thank God for investing in the Grumeti Reserves, ”remarked Bishop Msonganzila, who was accompanied by several priests and local church elders.

According to the local church elders, the new church has a capacity of 400 to 500 people.

Bishop Msonganzila said the church will add the investor to the list of those who deserve the prayers and blessings of believers.

Grumeti Reserves representative Noel Mbise said the investor’s presence in Tanzania has not only invested heavily in conservation, but has changed lives in many ways, including the Grumeti’s support for scholarships for needy but smart students Find.

“Sustainable species protection is not possible without the participation of the population. The investor not only supports conservation, but also the community, ”said Mbise, who is also General Manager of Research and Community Unit at Grumeti.

He said the church building will further strengthen the existing good relationships between the also Catholic investor and the local communities.

Grumeti Reserves operates several world-class lodges in Tanzania, including Sasakwa, and the company has also invested heavily in conservation and community development in the western Serengeti through the Grumeti Fund.

The pastor of the region, Fr. Jeremiah Musira, asked thousands of the Church’s faithful to lend a hand as a token of appreciation to the investor during the grand dedication ceremony of the modern church, which was colored by a special mass led by Bishop Msonganzila clap.

Construction on the church was carried out by Grumeti Construction, a sister company of Grumeti Reserves, after the investor donated $ 450,000 to support the project in recent months.

“The money came directly from the investor to build the church,” said Martha Baare, a senior official at Grumeti Reserves, earlier this year when construction of the church was underway.

She said the US investor attended services of the Roman Catholic Church in the village of Natta-Mbiso very often when visiting Tanzania.

“There is a long-term relationship between our investor and the church. And many of our staff go to the same church to worship, ”she said.

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