Two contenders for the position of Eye County Examiner

Rolf Kleinhans
Gerald Bushore

Since 2011, Sue Horne has headed the Nevada County Assessor’s Office.

With Horne opting out of re-election, voters will choose between two candidates for the next county assessor – Gerald Bushore and Rolf Kleinhans.

The Nevada County Assessor’s Office locates taxable property, identifies the property, and provides tax assessment value with the goal of ensuring that taxpayers receive timely and accurate property assessments.

The Nevada County Assessor serves a four-year term.

The election is on June 7th.


Gerald Bushore is the chairman of the Nevada County Property Tax Appeals Committee.

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, Bushore has been a 12-year member and 10-year Chair of the Assessment Appeals Board, which adjudicates disagreements between the Assessor’s Office and the property owner.

“I am the most qualified evaluator candidate in Nevada County, and the voter will be the ultimate winner,” Bushore said. “I have demonstrated proven knowledge of Nevada County property tax laws and estimated property values. I exercise fairness and compassion when judging between the Assessor’s Office and the taxed property owner.”

Bushore said he brings more than four decades of experience advising on property taxes, including working on legally established exemptions from church, religion and welfare taxes. He manages Bushore Church Real Estate.

His professional history includes state licensing as a certified general surveyor, separate state licenses as a real estate agent and undertaker, member agent, and private land developer.

Rolf Kleinhans

Rolf Kleinhans is the chief financial and administration officer for the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

He has approximately 35 years of evaluation and operations experience and received the endorsement of Horne.

For more than 10 years, Kleinhans has served with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Chief Deputy Public Administrator. He is also currently President of the California State Association of Public Administrators, Public Guardians, and Public Conservators and also Treasurer and Secretary of the Management Employee Association of Nevada County.

In recent years, Kleinhans has served as President of the Nevada County Association of Realtors, a Board Member of the Economic Resource Council, and Chair of both the Sewage Disposal Advisory Group and the Nevada County User Fee Committee.

“I’ve had deep roots in the real estate industry for many years,” said Kleinhans. “I like to value things and make sure they are done fairly, accurately and quickly. I think this is a great opportunity and a great fit for my experience and skills.”

Kleinhans said the county needed an appraiser with “real experience in the private sector.”

“My goal is to run the day-to-day business like a business, including the philosophy of treating the taxpayer as a valued customer,” he added. “This includes an open and transparent process to value your property fairly and get it right the first time.”

Justin Scacco is a staff writer at the Sierra Sun. He can be reached at [email protected]

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