Trinity Church Wall Street Announces Over $ 9 Million Grants to Faith Communities in the United States, Africa, and Central America – Episcopal News Service

Trinity Church Wall Street has provided grants of more than $ 9 million to denominations in the United States and around the world.

These grants are used to fund projects that ministries financially support their communities, as well as resources for leadership development and training within the Anglican community.

“Trinity understands that our family extends beyond New York City,” said Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, senior priest in charge of Trinity Church Wall Street. “Part of our mission is to ensure that our brothers and sisters around the world can invest in people and places as they lead and serve their communities.”

Trinity’s Mission Real Estate Development initiative works with churches around the world to help them build sustainable resources for the ministry, resulting in $ 3.9 million in grants. These grants focus on expanding projects that meet missionary needs related to the COVID-19 health crisis, completing projects in support of the hardest hit rural communities, and facilitating access to affordable project funding.

The Diocese of Costa Rica received $ 190,000 to convert a diocesan building into student dormitories. The money earned through this project will not only support the ministry, but also help vulnerable families in the community.

Trinity also awarded $ 280,000 the Diocese of Kericho, Kenya Complete a tented safari camp in the remote Masai Mara region for access to electricity, sewer and water. This project will create jobs and the profits will be used for community development programs such as building a church, hospital and school around the camp.

A $ 2.3 million grant to the Church Representatives for Kenya will establish a soft loan fund to help fund local real estate development projects for the Mission. When the loans are repaid, the funds are passed on to new projects, creating a perpetual resource for building financial capacity and missionary impact.

More than $ 5 million in grants will equip faith-inspired leaders, ministers, and lay people with the practical leadership and management skills they need to connect their wards and communities.

Guests will use a $ 200,000 grant to expand a certification program for Black and Latin American faith leaders to be the first responders to Racial Justice.

A US $ 113,000 scholarship was awarded to the Episcopal Diocese of Montana The money will support two conferences scheduled for 2022 and 2023 that will provide training, education, and community to 100 women preparing for leadership roles in the Episcopal Church.

The Leading Women project has a track record of educating and mentoring dynamic, innovative women leaders for faith communities, and we look forward to supporting their next step in identifying and preparing a diverse cohort of women leaders for a rapidly changing church.

Trinity also makes more than $ 10.4 million in grants to nonprofits in New York City.

“As Trinity provides funding for a more equitable and inclusive church in our own neighborhood and city, we also support the ability of other churches to do the same in their communities,” said Neill Coleman, executive director of Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies. “We are proud to support and stand by nearly a hundred fellows who are at the forefront of social justice and building thriving communities around the world.”

The scholarship holders in November are:

University of Saint-Augustine $ 175,000

College of Transfiguration $ 150,000

Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest $ 120,000

The Episcopal Church, Office of Indigenous Ministries $ 200,000

The Episcopal Church, Office of Hispanic Ministries $ 300,000

Bexley Seabury Seminar $ 200,000

Duke University, Ormond Center $ 150,000

African Leadership Transformation Foundation $ 50,000

Codrington College $ 100,000

Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, Digital Literacies for Department $ 100,000

Guests $ 200,000

Episcopal Diocese of Montana, Leading Women $ 113,000

ISAAC, Innovative Space for Asian-American Christianity $ 110,000

Emory University $ 225,000

Diocese of New York $ 200,000

Diocese of Los Angeles $ 300,000

Ashoka, Faith Inspired Changemaker $ 1.2 million

Luther Seminar $ 450,000

Episcopal Sermon Foundation $ 300,000

Department of Rural and Migrant US $ 150,000

Believe in New York $ 100,000 The Carver Project $ 100,000

Meeting of Executives $ 200,000

The church commissioners for Kenya $ 2.3 million

Diocese of Cape Town, South Africa $ 160,000

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, Brownsburg, Indiana, Indianapolis Diocese $ 150,000

Bondo Diocese, Kenya $ 282,000

Kericho Diocese, Kenya $ 280,000

Diocese of Rumonge, Burundi $ 200,000

Diocese of Northern Malawi $ 155,000

Niassa Diocese, Mozambique $ 123,000

Diocese of Costa Rica, Central America $ 190,000

Via Trinity Church Wall Street

Trinity Church Wall Street, now in its fourth century, is a growing and inclusive episcopal ward of 1,200+ members who strive to serve and heal the world by building neighborhoods that live the truths of the gospel, generations of faithful leaders and build sustainable communities. The church is guided by its core values: Faith, Integrity, Inclusivity, Compassion, Social Justice, and Responsibility. Members come from the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding area to create a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse community. More than 20 services are offered each week online and in the historic shrines, Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel, the cornerstones of church life, worship and mission, and online at

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