Transfers of ownership | Transfers of ownership


The following transfers of ownership were recently recorded in the Harrison County Clerk’s office.

– Christopher P. Derico to Steven Tidd and Stephanie N. Tidd, Elk District lot, $ 200,000.

– Matthew L. Ward and Paige K. Vagnetti to Virginias ACA Farm Credit, Tenmile County parcel, $ 38,763.21.

– Albert J. Galietti and Andrea L. Galietti to ACH Properties LLC, Simpson District parcel, $ 186,000.

– Aaron J. Parsons to Kristi Morgan, Clay District Packages, $ 145,000.

– Melissa K. Evans and Matthew C. Evans to D&N Rentals LLC, Simpson District lot, $ 47,000.

– Brittany M. Curtis to Matthew Shriver, Clark District Parcel, $ 87,000.

City Rentals LLC to Brian Elliott Henderson II, Clark District lot, $ 90,000.

– Edmund Matko to Kara Dawn West and Sherry Lynne Rawlings, Union District Package, $ 16,500.

– Robert Garcia to Cathy Hachat and Chad P. Hachat, Simpson District Parcel, $ 525,000.

– Gregory A. Parker to Susan Beverly, Simpson District parcel, $ 182,000.

– Joshua Allen Webb and Kimberly Dawn Webb to Ryan D. Stier and Kelly R. Stier, Clark District Parcel, $ 130,000.

– Robert R. Hutson, Robert Creamer, James Davis, Fred Elbon, and Donald P. Jeffers, Trustees of the Jewel City Non-Denominational Church, to Aaron Thomas McGhee and Amanda Brooke McGhee, Package in the Eagle District, $ 65,000.

– Eric T. Clark and Jeri N. Clark to Whitney G. James and Dillon Murphy, Package in West Milford, $ 112,500.

– Elizabeth K. Dutchess and Kenneth E. Dutchess to Kevin D. Cross II, parcels in the Clark District, $ 35,000.

– Jeffrey Beckstead and Micah Beckstead to Harrison County Board of Education, Lot in Grant District Outside, $ 180,000.

– The Enterprise United Methodist Church to Timothy D. Templeton and Laura Jean Templeton, Clay District Package, $ 14,000.

– Dan Ryan Builders West Virginia LLC to Mary Ann Welch-Hall, Simpson District Parcel, $ 317,900.

– JN Horizon Properties LLC to Kelly Sue White, Simpson-Outside District lot, $ 87,000.

– Albert C. McQuain’s estate to Nina Y. Powers and Darrell S. Powers, Simpson District parcel, $ 310,000.

– Thomas Edward Murphy and Robin Lee Carlson to George E. Benya, Grant District parcel, $ 240,000.

– Frank E. Lacaria Jr. and Regina D. Lacaria to Jeffrey A. Tidd and Bobbi J. Tidd, Simpson County parcel, $ 386,000.

– Nancy Jean Murphy to Perry L. Post and Deborah J. Post, Union District package, $ 79,900.

– Jeffrey A. Tidd and Bobbi J. Tidd to Jonathan Bailey and Brittany Shields-Bailey, Clark District Parcel, $ 224,000.

– Andrew Yoder Jr. to Devon M. Goodman, Simpson Ward parcel, $ 206,000.

– Hilary Anne Leon to Beth A. Taylor, Tenmile Ward packages, daughter to mother.

– Beth A. Taylor to Lori Hof and Joseph Hof, Tenmile District Packages, $ 125,000.

– Justin K. Fridley to James B. Heffinger, Package in the Union District, $ 190,000.

– Robert A. Tolley, Elizabeth H. Tolley, and Ryan W. Tolley to Dyer Holdings LLC, Simpson-Bridgeport District, $ 800,000.

– EH Tolley Rental LLC to Dyer Holdings LLC, Simpson-Bridgeport District parcel, $ 250,000.

– Leslie J. Shreve to Kaitlin Howell and Scott Howell, Coal-Clarksburg Ward parcel, $ 70,000.

– J. Michael Farrell and Catherine W. Ferrell to Shawn McKeever and Mona Jay McKeever, Simpson District parcel, $ 85,000.

– Jennifer M. Walker to Dustin R. Matheny and Morgan J. Matheny, Simpson District Parcel, $ 300,000.

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