Tom Cruise is reportedly quitting the Church of Scientology, but is that true?

Will Tom Cruise split from the Church of Scientology? As reported in this week’s edition of the National InvestigatorCruise is retiring from the controversial religion following its latest scandal.

According to the tabloid via Recommend, That 70’s show Actor Danny Masterson is dragging Tom Cruise into legal trouble. In a new court case, Masterson is accused of sexual assault by three women and the Church of Scientology is accused of covering up the crimes. The bad publicity for Cruise’s religion is said to be ruining its success Top Gun: Maverick. In response to the church’s scandals, he has reportedly kept a low profile by selling his US properties and living in London.

Sources told the outlet he could lose his Oscar chances due to his Scientology connection. “The tide has definitely turned against the Church of Scientology,” said an insider. “And because of the longstanding collaboration with Tom Cruise [with Scientology]I don’t think they would ever give him an Oscar.”

There are also reports that Cruise has become so concerned about the impact of Scientology on his career that it worries church leader David Miscavige. “Anything the church or Miscavige can do to make Tom’s life easier will be done,” the source claimed, adding that Cruise is receiving intensive public relations training to deal with the recent crisis.

Although the movie star is unlikely to distance himself from Scientology, there is evidence that Cruise has downplayed his devotion to the organization. Founded in 1953 by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, the organization has grown into a PR liability for celebrities like Cruise and John Travolta, who used to be open about their involvement in Scientology.

Corresponding vox, former Scientologists have reported and filed lawsuits accusing Scientology of being an abusive cult that profits from forced labor and human trafficking. Over the years, the church has repeatedly denied financial exploitation or abuse of its members. She claims her critics are involved in religious bigotry and made these claims because they were disgruntled former members.

Cruise’s popularity suffered in the mid-2000s after he publicly revealed details about Scientology and his personal life. He received negative publicity after jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to declare his love for his third wife, Katie Holmes, and their subsequent divorce in 2009. That opened the door for more reports of Cruise’s connections to Scientology and his close friendship with Miscavige, including a 2012 vanity fair Exposé and the book by Lawrence Wright from 2013, Clear.

However, Cruise is currently celebrating a late career comeback. Top Gun: Maverick is a huge success and has received largely positive reviews in the press. Since his days of over-sharing, Cruise has earned a reputation for being fiercely private.

Corresponding vox, his religion and family life are taboo for journalists before agreeing to an interview. Meanwhile, Cruise has continued to make well-received films, such as Tropical Thunder (2008), rock of times (2012), and edge of tomorrow (2014)with the Impossible Mission Franchise continues to produce smash hits.

Despite this, Cruise has maintained a successful career throughout Scientology’s myriad controversies. Celebrities like Cruise and Travolta often credit the group for their notable achievements. Plus, Cruise stayed loyal even at the lowest stages of his career, so it’s unlikely he would consider leaving at one of the highest stages.

As for Cruise’s prospects, the actor has received three Academy Award nominations as a public, practicing Scientologist. Corresponding Vanity Fairs Katey Rich, there are serious talks about his performance top gun could be nominating him for an Academy Award for the first time in more than 20 years.

Nonetheless, Rich cautions that an Oscars campaign could be daunting for an actor long “protected by his tower of mega-fame and Scientology.” “It’s one thing for Cruise to board an aircraft carrier or hold court in front of a crowd in Cannes and quite another to open up to the kind of profiles or roundtable discussions that are ubiquitous in modern Oscar campaigns said Rich.

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