There were plans to use St. Matthews Church, Thatto Heath as a kindergarten

PLANS to use part of a church building as a daycare center have been approved.

Reverend Helen Coffey applied for permission to partially change the use of St. Matthews Church and the center at St. Matthews Grove, Thatto Heath.

The suggestions were submitted following a survey of the parish to increase their involvement in the parish.

A design and access declaration in the plans states: “The parish of St.

“In a recent community survey conducted by the community, the second highest response for the region’s greatest challenge was ‘Support for young families and affordable childcare’, with 26 percent of the responses citing this as the greatest challenge was ‘loneliness and isolation’ at 29 percent Answers bigger ”.

It added: “For the sake of clarity, the church center is not a separate building from the church and only the hall is largely used for the preschool according to the attached plans.”

It was also planned that not the entire church and church center should be designated as a day nursery and that the site as a whole would “remain church and church center and be available for other uses associated with such a building”.

The plans for St. Matthews Churcvh have been approved

The preschool should “be operated from the hall during its operating hours” and share the use of the adjacent kitchen, entrance foyer and parking lot and also “use the existing closed outdoor play area that is accessible from the hall”. It will also have access to “a special toilet facility during operation using one of the existing facilities”.

It added, “Occasionally, groups of children accompanied by staff will enter the wider grounds”.

The day-care center is expected to offer places for children from the age of two and will initially only offer “meeting operations (mornings and afternoons) Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.” initially only for the semester break.

Holiday care or holiday clubs “can be a subsequent option, but not initially”.

Meanwhile, the preschool provider expects “no more than 30 children to attend a given session”.

Plans added: “The preschool is expected to generate vehicle movement at the start and end of class times, but not beyond, and this is likely to be staggered as there are no strict start and end times like there is in a school”.

In a report recommending the adoption of plans, case officer Natasha Ayres said, “The use as a kindergarten will not differ materially from the existing use and the positive community benefits that the use may have is considered acceptable “.

It added: “The proposed space for the kindergarten is close to the surrounding residential buildings. However, the main activity would be inside the building, with limited use of the outdoor play area. ”

The report states that “the noise impact of the proposal on the surrounding area is minimal and does not affect the amenities of the area”.

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