The Ukrainian flag has sold out at the Jackson store as the war rages on

JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) – As the war between Ukraine and Russia intensifies, so has support for Ukrainian refugees.

Churches, residents and businesses in Mississippi are all finding ways to show solidarity with the war-torn country.

Over at A Complete Flag Source in Jackson, the phone keeps ringing. Customers are calling to order a Ukraine flag to show their support for the country. The flags also went quickly in the store.

“We are sold out of Ukrainian flags. That’s where we used to have the 4″ x 6″ Ukraine flag and our little cup, it’s completely empty,” said owner Brenda McIntyre.

In fact, the owner says one customer bought more than a dozen flags during one visit to the local store.

“There was a real flood of flags bought last week,” McIntyre said. “We have some to order but we have some decals in our store… the other flags will be arriving in the coming week.”

The flag frenzy began in local business shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine.

The Broadmoor Baptist Church also helps. In fact, two of his long-running missionary efforts are taking place in Ukraine. Through these special partnerships, the Madison Church has helped hurt families during this resource conflict.

“Ukraine is a very important nation in many ways,” said Rowland Hall, Broadmoor’s Community Impact Pastor.

Broadmoor’s Community Impact Pastor Rowland Hall has been to Ukraine more than a dozen times over the years. He says the Church will continue to support the Ukrainian people when they oppose Russia.

“Two ways we’ve encouraged our people and challenged them is through prayer and we’ve tried to be consistent and the different ways they can pray, who they can pray for and what that looks like in a particular mansion, to update further. ‘ Hall said. “Even financially. As you know, our economy continues to be challenged here in the United States, but in a war-torn country, I can’t imagine the challenges that people have faced.”

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