The Southwest Florida Church grows vegetables for donation to pantries


A local church grows its own food to donate fresh produce to a local pantry.

Food grown at the Fort Myers Christian Church Community Garden goes to the Gladiolus Food Pantry, where Director Miriam Ortiz said there is a growing need for fresh produce.

“The need has always been there, but since COVID, people have lost their jobs, people have gotten sick, so every week we’ve had up to 220 families between 180 and 220 families,” Ortiz said.

Pastor Zach Seitz of Fort Myers Christian Church said the church wants people to have the opportunity to eat healthily.

“It’s part of our mission here in our camps, in the community garden,” said Seitz.

The garden relies on volunteers to get their hands dirty, pull weeds and grow vegetables.

And those on the receiving side feel the love too.

“People are really happy when they come here and see that we have all these things from our garden,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz also said the garden is hoping for expansion and is asking for donations to buy a piece of land near her pantry.

They hope to increase the purchase price from $400,000.

Visit the pantry’s website for more information on donations.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us [email protected]

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