The Rapid City Planning Commission is making progress in approving pharmacy applicants

RAPID CITY, SD – The city’s planning committee approved nearly all of the first round pharmacy applications, with 16 approved out of a total of 17 applicants.

Only one location at 1315 Haines Avenue was rejected because it was within sight of residential and church properties.

Aside from any objection from the municipality, the next step is to obtain provisional licenses with the municipal tax office.

There they have to pay the officers an application fee of US $ 1,500 and have all employees background checked.

“Once this is done and completed, the city tax officer will issue you this preliminary license,” said Vicki Fisher, interim director of community development. “You then proceed to apply to the state for a state license. These applications must be received by the state by 31 December at the latest. “

Council members are required to review 16 more applicants before the deadline to ensure that all applicants have a fair chance.

“Regardless of when we get it, we will respond as quickly as possible. However, we need to outsource for the background checks and depending on when we should get them back, ”Fisher said. “But as soon as we do that, get this temporary license and get it done by submitting yourself to the state, hopefully that will be accepted. And then they make it into the lottery. “

The lottery to determine the 15 companies to receive a license will take place in January 2022.

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