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Hadley reports code violations to 64 homeowners

When the Laurel Inspection Department classifies a property as a “public hazard” it is posted on the city council agenda and the owner is given an appointment for a public hearing. There are seldom more than a dozen, so most bi-monthly meetings only go through the list with “L” or “M”.

But at the last two meetings, the 26 letters of the alphabet were nowhere near enough for all the contaminated properties. The list went to MM at the second meeting in May and MMM at the first meeting in June. That’s 64 unkempt properties – 59 more than the five that were on the list at the first meeting in June 2020. The 39 properties at the second meeting in May are more than three times the 11 listed at the same time last year.

The increased number of unclean lots is a direct result of the stricter enforcement of city rules and regulations demanded by Mayor Johnny Magee when he moved Sandra Hadley to head the inspection department earlier this year.

“That’s what I asked her to do,” said Magee. “It is what I expected and it is what is needed.”

Councilors joked that if all or even most of the property owners came before them on the day of their public hearing, their meetings could last for hours.

“You’ve all been busy,” Councilor Tony Wheat said to Hadley. “That’s good. Let’s clean it up.”

Hadley informed residents in March that there was a new Superintendent of the Inspection Department in the city.

“The mayor told me to clean up the city, and I plan to,” Hadley said in a story published in Leader Call on March 18, Promoting Quality of Life. “

Hadley told residents, landlords, and businesses that they are by 3. Their department of six has focused on things like dilapidated buildings, junk cars, trash, overgrown lots, and proper address display, among other things. She spread the news in the newspaper and on social media with a detailed, two-page explanation of the city’s mission and tips to avoid quoting.

Offenders whose property poses a public threat, according to the inspection department, have 15 days after receiving notification to correct the problem, unless otherwise stated. Landowners who receive a subpoena will receive a public hearing after the Code Commissioner provides a statement of its findings to the city council in its bi-monthly meetings. Those who dispute the quote are often granted an extension if they present a plan to council members to resolve the issue. If not, the Parks and Recreation Department will have the authority to trim and clean the property and the cost of the work will be added to the property owner‘s city tax bill.

“Many of these can be resolved before their hearing,” Magee said. “If everyone is cleaned up before the meeting, we will have achieved the same thing. The goal is to clean up. “

In his State of the City address earlier this year, Magee made a scathing review of the inspection department, noting that Laurel is on national television every week, attracting tourists from all over the world and making people live here. He talked about junkyards, junk cars, vehicles parked in courtyards, laundry on fences and slow response times when dealing with complaints that even he brought the department’s attention to.

“We have to do better,” he said at the time.

It was then that he transferred Hadley from the town’s security coordinator, where she had served for three years. to the head of the inspection department.

“She was moved to the security office because it wasn’t working properly, and she did a great job turning this department upside down,” Magee said.

A standard for property maintenance needs to be enforced to “ensure an adequate quality of life for the city’s residents and neighborhoods,” and this applies to homeowners, tenants and landlords, she wrote in her request to residents to adapt before they are forced. “Proud of your home is the foundation of a great city.”

In a public hearing at the last meeting, the council agreed to clean the following properties and charge the owners for the work:

• Overgrown property southwest of 703 North 11th Ave., Tommy Cotten;

• 524 North 8th Ave., Armando Zuniga and wife;

• 544 North 7th Avenue, Thomas Burger Jr .;

• 612 miss. Avenue, Richard Fulford Estate;

• 703 North 11th Avenue, Kinnon Speights.

Council members also approved property cleaning valuations of $ 1,113.29 at 811 West Dr. (Faye Cutchens Trustee), $ 195 (south of Sandy T. Gavin Ave., L&E Properties) and $ 135 (313 North Pine St., Aldiri Ebrahim).

A public hearing has been set for July 6th for the owners of the following unclean properties:

• 315 West 17th Street, Hannah Beiderwell Estate / John Beiderwell Jr .;

• 816 South 6th Avenue, James Jenkins Sr .;

• 204 North 15th Avenue, Alma Kux;

• 1819 Airport Dr., Gregory and Georgia Miller;

• 2216 Center Ave., High Sierra Tax Real Estate;

• 824 South 6th Avenue, Kale Farms LLC;

• 1640 Airport Dr., Carol Beckham;

• 2012 Airport Dr., Woodmark Investments LLC;

• Overgrown property south of 2216 Center Ave., Woodmark Investments LLC;

2104 Palmer Ave., Kale Farms LLC;

• Overgrown property east of 1219 Simmons St., Dee Nero LLC;

• 726 North 8th Avenue, Shirley Raymond;

• 1107 Spriggs St., Chritine Horne;

• Overgrown property north of 2263 Palmer Ave., Ivory Williams;

• 2108 Palmer Ave., Axazius Winding;

• 1932 Queensburg Ave., Brett Stallworth et al;

• 2135 North 2nd Avenue, Colenia Ross;

• 2105 North 2nd Ave., Fifth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church;

111 21st St., S. Lavon Evans Jr. Realty LLC;

• 717 East 17th Street, Titus Bush;

• Bay St. 212, Cardinal Management Group LLC;

• Overgrown property north of 1002 North Meridian Ave., Donald Hutchings Trustee;

• 610 and 614 East 15th Street, Ida Jones;

• Overgrown property south of 1520 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Judy Beach;

• 1115 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Hartfield Corp Inc .;

1603 North Joe Wheeler Ave., String Faith Outreach Ministry;

• 1627 Susie B. Ruffin Ave., Protax 04 LLC;

• 1049 miss. Ave., Daisy Tangles Estate;

• 840 North 4th Avenue, Nancy Jones;

• 1113 Miss Ave., Jerlean Jones;

• 1119 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Rickey Devore and wife;

• 1618 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., Joe Alridge;

• 2965 North 5th Avenue, Tito and Karen Lanier;

• Overgrown property north of 2963 North 5th Ave., Larry Barnes;

• 611 North 2nd Avenue, Patricia Biskey;

• Overgrown property north of 617 North Magnolia St., TJ Chandler Estate / Jeffrey Chandler;

• 1110 North 1st Avenue, Tiffany and Will Keith;

• 2413 North 3rd Ave., Don and Willie Mae Crosby;

• Overgrown property west of Lindsey Ave. 1824, ABA = MS Investments LLC / Asmar Properties;

• 1839 Lindsey Ave., ABA-MS Investments LLC / Asmar Properties;

• Overgrown property west of 115 West 20th St., Habitat For Humanity Inc .;

• 547 West 25th Street, John Kersh;

• 623 West 27th St., Kale Farms LLC;

• 1004 North 11th Avenue, Kale Farms LLC;

• 3120 Manderlay Dr., K&M Investors LLC;

• 1831 Congress St., Woodmark Investments LLC;

• Overgrown property west of North 11th Ave., Woodmark Investments LLC;

• 237 Stephens Avenue, Bolivar and Deborah Cherry;

• Overgrown property south of 974 South 19th Ave., Brenda Hampton;

304 Hillcrest Dr., Temple Baptist Church;

• 2016 North 6th Avenue, S. Lavon Evans Jr. Realty LLC;

• 2 Wansley Street, Brian Mauldin;

• Overgrown property west of 935 West Dr., Miss. Department of Mental Health;

• Overgrown property on Grandview Dr., Hobbs Autoplex Realty LLC;

• 4104 University Avenue, James Martz;

• 2711 North 7th Ave., Magnolia Properties Housing LLC;

• 812 Jeffery Dr., Robert Brown;

• Overgrown property north of 3904 Millsaps Dr., Country Credit Properties LLC;

• 23 16 Sandy Lance, Angela Hankins;

• 2030 Sandy Lane and property south of it, JL W Properties LLC;

• 723 degrees Dr., Dee Nero LLC;

• 4024 Martin Ave., Charles Holifield

At the previous meeting, public hearings were scheduled for today (Tuesday) for the owners of the following unclean properties:

• Kastanienstr. 155 to Brenda Marcobe;

• Melon St. 212, Willie Walker and wife;

• 614 miss. Ave., Glen and Efelynn Bolden;

911 South 14th Sve., Pamela Taylor;

• 1952 Gladiolus Dr., Merritt Inc .;

• 902 South 14th Avenue, Robert Wilson / Tracy Holmes;

• 828 South 16th Avenue, Mitchell Asmar Jr .;

• 543 West 25th Street, Dee Nero LLC;

• Overgrown property south of 1504 North 3rd Ave., Dee Nero LLC;

• Overgrown property southeast of 512 West 15th St., U&L Properties LLC;

• 1114 Clark St., Harvey Hull and wife;

• 822 East 18th Street, Michael McClendon;

• 207 West 15th Street, Long Land Investments Inc .;

• Overgrown property west of 523 East 14th St., Omeria Scott;

• 844 East 18th Street, Ann McDonald Estate / Omeria Scott;

• 1209 North 4th Avenue, Omeria Scott;

• Overgrown property east of 846 East 18th St., Woodmark Investments LLC;

• 2704 Carter Ave., Trustee of Highland Baptist Church;

• Overgrown property south of 111 Dutton Ave., Jim Sharp and wife;

• 2823 and 2814 Carter Ave., Sheron Jones;

• 2314 North 5th Ave., Henry Thompson Estate;

• 2929 North 6th Avenue, Miguel Atencio;

• 22 Carney Dr., Mable Alle;

• 1424 Dr. Parker, William, and Susan Wheeler;

• 1003 South 17th Avenue, Lee Otis Milsap;

• 220 South 10th Avenue, South Central Regional Medical Center;

• 216 South 10th Avenue, Paul Walker;

• 615 South 7th Avenue, Patrice Turner;

• 512 Jackson St., Katherine Gavin Estate / Tyrone Gavin;

• 624 Sandy Gavin Avenue, St. John Baptist Church;

• Overgrown property north of 707 South 7th Ave., First Ladys;

• 1405 and 1415 Airport Dr., Franklin Jones, and Nathan Grady;

• 1726 Lee St., Lloyd Brannon Jr .;

• 114 West 23rd St., Herthern and Shirley Keys;

• 128 West 23rd Street, James Cooley;

• Haddon St. 616, James Jenkins Sr .;

• Overgrown property north of North Meridian Ave., Angela Carmichael

Those who believe that a violation was not on their property or sold the property in question can call 601-428-6438.

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