The evicted church shares good news about the search for a new home

A Redwood City church and nonprofit under threat of eviction may have experienced a Christmas miracle. Verbo Family Services recently shared with climate Online and other local media launched its call to support the community to help them find permanent homes in the North Fair Oaks neighborhood they have served for 20 years.

Now some good Samaritans have answered Verbo’s call for help. Pastor Orlando Cardona of the church and nonprofit that provides spiritual guidance, counseling, tutoring, community resources and “a safe place to listen” to more than 400 families said that according to recent media coverage, a man “from Iran Congregation “”, who prefers to remain anonymous, contacted Verbo saying that their story “touched his heart”. The man offered Verbo to donate $ 25,000 if they collect appropriate donations.

Pastor Cardona quickly got to work trying to raise funds by giving his church, friends, fellow workers, and everyone in his stratosphere the opportunity to raise funds. The pastor managed to raise $ 2,800 from Verbo’s own parish – many of which are low-income families – on the Sunday of his announcement, while they also raised $ 3,000 from online donations through their website. Other gifts were included – $ 1,000 from a contractor and other donations from other church members.

Then the big one came. A pastor and his wife from a Verbo Church in Guatemala City, Guatemala, who were visiting the Bay Area, personally donated $ 20,000 to the fundraiser. When combined with the other donations, the gift will raise Redwood City Church and the nonprofit organization beyond what they need for the corresponding donation. Pastor Cardona called the Iranian donor and he immediately handed Verbo a check for $ 25,000.

All in all, Pastor Cardona said Verbo has raised $ 72,000 so far that they plan to use to rent a small 5,000 square foot warehouse in the Fair Oaks neighborhood so they can continue their family ministries. He’s also looking for a separate location to hold services – possibly at another nearby church in the afternoon or at a school district gym – with the aim of staying in the Fair Oaks ward. The church must vacate its current building at 2798 Bay Rd. until end of January; the pastor will meet with a real estate agent tomorrow to inspect possible storage areas.

Meanwhile, Verbo’s fundraising efforts continue. To support Verbo Family Services with an online donation, click here. To send a check, mail it to: Verbo, Verbo Family Services, or Verbo Church and mail it to the pastor’s personal address (as the church is moving soon): 241 Rutherford Ave., Redwood City, CA 94061.

Learn more about the church / organization here and watch a video about the appeal for donations here. Questions? Call Verbo at (650) 241-8245 or email [email protected]

Photos courtesy of Verbo Family Services

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