The churches advised getting into agriculture to survive economic crises

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Right-wing Rev. Prosper Samuel Dzomeku, the moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, has urged churches to dare to grow food in the face of the current economic crises and food price increases.

He said this would allow them to have enough food to feed themselves and others and generate income from sales to run their businesses.

“As a mitigating measure, leadership encourages presbyteries, zone and local churches to venture into the food crop

“We hope that you would take up large-scale cultivation of cassava, maize, rice, and vegetables and tree crops. With these initiatives we can support our members after the harvest,” he emphasized.

The moderator made these remarks at the 2022 Global Evangelical Church “Synod” meeting in Accra on the theme: “Be Holy”.

The synod serves as the church’s parliament, where all leaders and delegates from all branches meet each year to decide on the activities of the church.

Rev. Dzomeku exhorted church leaders and members to live holy and Christlike lives consistent with their calling as Christians.

He noted that the church is still recovering from the impact of COVID-19 on its finances; However, the Church’s revenue flow in 2021 was better than in 2020.

The reverend called for “proper” stewardship of the country’s resources by authorities, saying it would help cushion the state and its people in these times of global economic hardship.

He exhorted the Christian community to be vigilant and vigilant to identify suspicious individuals who may be infiltrating the church amid the increasing threat of terrorism.

The moderator urged churches to train their ushers to identify suspicious people in the community.

“Communities are also urged to form safety committees to help address such issues. There is a need to adequately raise awareness among youth to ensure they are not tricked into joining radical groups,” he added.

dr Achibald Letsa, the Volta regional minister who was the guest of honor, commended the church for its social programs and interventions carried out over the years, including donations to hospitals, the physically challenged and the establishment of schools.

“I must say that religious groups have made a great contribution to the nation’s achievements and while the government appreciates this, we believe there is still more room for improvement,” he added.

However, he urged the church to continue to draw attention to the precautionary measures against COVID-19 and other related diseases as they are on the rise.

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