The Anglican bishop Ondo relies on self-defense

Archbishop of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Akure, Simeon Borokini, has urged the government to find a lasting solution to the problem of insecurity ravaging the country.

The cleric accused the federal government of being insensitive to the security situation in the country. To this end, he urged Christians in the country to find a way to defend themselves against invaders.

He stated this at the first session of the 14th Synod of the Church’s Akure Diocese, held at St. Andrew’s Church in Akure, the state capital.

According to the bishop, the best thing for Christians to do is to get arms to legitimately defend themselves. He also condemned the attack on the church by the suspected terrorists.

He said: “Anyone willing to protect themselves should get a licence, if it’s a weapon or anything that someone wants to use to protect themselves I will support it as the government in relation to it seems to be careless on security. ”

Borokini also called on the federal government to change the constitution so that state governments have their own police force.

He said: “The number of police officers we have cannot protect all the citizens we have in the country. So we should do something locally. We have asked all of our church leaders to agree to the installation of closed circuit television cameras in the church; You should receive the gadgets before August 1st, 2022, the deadline.

“Nigeria, God’s own country, the giant of Africa, a nation flowing with milk and honey, is now a place where everyone avoids partnering or even coming and investing in it. Even citizens are rushing the country to seek greener pastures and find solace elsewhere because of security challenges. The nation is facing an unprecedented wave of diverse but overlapping insurgencies, and almost every corner has been ravaged by violence and crime.

“This level of insecurity threatens the very fabric of Nigerian society. With every attack carried out every day, lives are lost or remain permanently damaged. As a result, trust in democracy and the country is gradually eroding. The government’s promise to protect citizens from terrorists and criminals has not been kept; Instead, the country is more unstable than it has been in decades.

“The recent rise in insecurity has been linked to poverty across the country. The nation is richly blessed, but criminal youth unemployment is alarming and the country is in the midst of an economic downturn. Criminals and terrorists are tagged, bandits and unknown shooters. Although it was reported that the militant group – Boko Haram – was technically defeated; deadly shepherds always go on a killing spree when there is a misunderstanding between them and the farmers.

“The violent clashes between these nomadic herders and farmers in Nigeria have created a lot of tension and this has led some state governors to ban grazing on open land, creating tensions with the central government. Banditry and Kidnapping: One of the troubling threats facing families in Nigeria is the frequent indiscriminate kidnappings of school children in their classrooms and students in the boarding houses, adults, travelers and farmers on their farms. They raid villages and settlements, kidnap civilians, military officers and even kings in their palaces and burn houses.

“Attacks by these deadly criminals have forced thousands of people to leave their homes to seek refuge in other parts of the country. Kidnapping has become a lucrative industry in that individuals kidnap themselves for ransom.”

The cleric called on all facets of government to adopt robust government intervention and increased attention to strengthening manufacturing to expand and grow the economy, thereby creating sustainable jobs for the people
to unite young people.

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