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Stadium Village Church will be converted into the River of Hope Church and will be a mile away after over 110 years in the same building.

Pastor Lowell Busman (left) interviews worship leader Jonny Max (right) during her final service at Stadium Village Church in her Oak Street building on Nov. 28. Photo courtesy Namit Bhalla

On Sunday, November 28th, Pastor Lowell Busman danced in front of the ward with hands raised in prayer as the church music group played contemporary Christian music for their final Sunday morning service on Oak Street.

Church elder Chris Macosko said he had never seen Busman dance like this before.

Stadium Village Church, currently adjacent to the SuperBlock, will move a mile deeper into Prospect Park and change its name to River of Hope.

The University of Minnesota bought the land the Church stands on in December 2020 for over $ 5.7 million, made from refinancing special bonds and savings. Last year the university rented the space to the church while it was on the move to a new building.

The university has acquired most of the land around the church, including a parking lot and several houses, and plans to build the Health Discovery Hub on the block on which the church stands. This project has been going on for several years.

“The Health Discovery Hub will drive clinical and results-oriented research projects with collaborative teams and provide access to advanced treatments and cutting-edge care for patients and their families,” said Leslie Krueger, Assistant Vice President of Planning, Space and Real Estate, in an email to the Minnesota Daily.

Stadium Village Church was founded in 1888 and 501 Oak St. Building was constructed in 1904. The River of Hope Church will be located at 3300 University Ave. move across from Tower Hill Park. The new location is about three times the size of today’s church.

The last service on Oak Street was last Sunday, and River of Hope is planning a grand opening on January 2, 2022, Busman said.

“[The move] is bittersweet because I spent a lot of time in this building, praying and worshiping, ”Busman said. “I’m ready to move on, I really am. We are excited to see what God is doing in the new building. “

Even though they are farther from the university, church members said they are confident that students can continue to attend. Busman said the new location will be closer to a light rail station and may make it easier for students who live near light rail stations to attend.

Donna Liew, the missionary on the Prepare Ministry campus, said the River of Hope Church can organize trips for students who have difficulty getting to church.

Connexions International (CXI), a service for international students, will be moving to the new church. CXI offers English courses as well as other resources for immigrant and international students, said Kim Friesen, honorary president of CXI.

“The facility is much bigger, we have more space and we will have more classrooms,” said Friesen.

The other college-centered ministry, Prepare, used to hold meetings at Stadium Village Church but now gather at Bordertown Coffee, Liew said. Mostly undergraduate and postgraduate students and other young adults participate in Prepare and choose the location each semester based on what is easiest for the members.

“I like it like everyone else [at the church] is just so friendly, so welcoming, ”University Ph.D. Candidate David Luo said. “People are really trying to get to know God better and to follow their faith to a greater extent.”

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