See Korn perform at a stunning Methodist Church

A night before the release of her new album requiem, Korn performed a livestream concert at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles. For those who didn’t catch the event in early February, you can catch a glimpse of the set with the newly released video from that night of the song “The Worst Is On Its Way.”

The group recently released a music video for the requiem Track and her attire drew comparisons to what the pop sensation Backstreet Boys wore in the video for their 1999 hit “I Want It That Way.” Korn even got in on the fun by fooling around on set while singing part of the pop song. In response, the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter did his best to dress up like Brian “Head” Welch in a short reaction clip, which brought the whole circle.

However, no element of humor is found in the performance of this song in the video below, as Korn settle into their more familiar realm of darkness and in a setting “chosen in honor of the souls that have died in these unprecedented times.” “

Participants were instructed to wear black burial clothing and were encouraged to also bring a memorial token to place in a coffin in honor of a loved one who died. A choir is positioned behind the band, providing backing vocals and helping to complete the church mood, in addition to the numerous lit candles decorating the stage.

Watch the video below and catch Korn on tour with Summer with Evanescence on these dates.

Korn, “The Worst Is On The Way”

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