Sánchez will terminate the agreements with the Holy See to tighten the use of schools and church property


Half exhausted and the media vein of Franco’s exhumation, the Prime Minister looks at other smoke screens to mislead public opinion into forgetting about the deficit, unemployment or electricity bills. The next target will be the Catholic Church: Pedro Sanchez is already preparing to terminate the agreement with the Holy See harden the deal to schools and Church property.

The working documents of the Federal Congress of the PSOE describe the operation. These reports emphasize that “in the context of all these processes and advances in secularism with new goals such as a law on freedom of conscience, religion and belief of the 21st treaty with the Holy See”.

After the objective was announced without any nuances, the document went on to state: “In our country, the religious fact is guaranteed by the constitution, including its subjective dimension as freedom of conscience, and It is time to update some agreements that are more than 40 years old, some before the constitution. We would carry out this review, which is called an “indictment” under international law, in dialogue with the Church, Seeking consensus and the promotion by the government of new agreements with the Vatican, typical of our time, within the framework of the values ​​and principles of constitutional democracy and mutual respect and the appropriate distinction between church and state, which are mutually beneficial.

Given that the complaint is being filed by the government, it does not seem entirely clear that the church intended to review the agreements.for the benefit of both“As the document points out. The PSOE report adds further points: “Another question answered by broad social sectors is the authority acquired by the Church through PP-sponsored legislation to official registration of assets in your favor, the entry, in spite of no possible consideration of power or public authority or the tax regulations of the church property that is not subject to veneration ”.

The final aim of this point is to verify the property registration of the Church and Question your property on countless properties.

In addition, the PSOE points out that “in relation to other societal needs and demands emerging at this time, typical of a progressive democratic system – secular by nature – within the framework of a more complex, globalized and pluralistic society in its religious expressions , philosophical and moral, it must be borne in mind that constitutional institutions and common and agreed values ​​are necessary to articulate coexistence and social and cultural cohesion, that is, the effective development of the democratic principle of secularism, which guarantees equal respect for the beliefs of everyone Individual “.

And it is for this reason that the socialists try to establish the existence of a. to promote Statute of Secularism who “develop this application in the field of public, school and other services”. In the school environment, the Church is indeed well represented with its schools, especially the concerted ones. And Sánchez wants to review this situation.
A whole new plan to exclude the Catholic religion from new territories.

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