Resident of Blount County – Ricardo Saucedo


“That’s just the beginning.”

These inspiring words from Ricardo Saucedo, the people of Blount County today, are uplifting. Ricardo, who was originally self-taught, grew up in the Susan Moore community. In September, he and co-owner Juan Sanchez opened the Cuts N ‘Fades Barber Studio in Oneonta.

Juan and Ricardo have been friends for several years. Although Juan is a few years younger than Ricardo, he encouraged Juan to become a hairdresser too. So far it has been a whirlwind. Business is booming and the excitement for the new business exceeds anything Ricardo could have imagined.

As a young lad, Ricardo was shy and sometimes let his shyness stop him from doing things he would have liked to do. But at the age of 16 he started cutting his cousin’s hair and it started a fire inside him. Soon Ricardo was cutting his hair on the side.

After high school, Ricardo worked during the day and cut hair at home in the evening. After a short time, he was earning more money with the part-time job than his full-time job. Despite others’ doubts that there was enough money in the barber business to be successful, Ricardo quit his five-year job with the Norfolk Southern Railway, started working full-time in a barber shop in Cullman, and attended barber school at the International Barber School. 1,500 hours of training were required to graduate.

He later started working in Birmingham and had a good clientele. But Ricardo wanted more. He knew he wanted to start his own business and, being from Blount County, his dream was to open a business in Oneonta. When that dream came true in early September, he knew it was where it needed to be. Ricardo prides itself on the fact that the studio focuses on men’s haircuts but also tries to keep up with the latest trends and products for those who want more than a traditional cut.

Ricardo not only offers much-needed on-site service, he also has many customers who travel from neighboring countries for his great work. Ricardo loves having outside customers as it will boost the local economy. Many inquire about the best dining, shopping, and attractions in Blount County.

Ricardo took his passion to a higher level. He began to compete professionally at hairdressing events and / or hairdressing Olympics in Atlanta, Birmingham and Knoxville. Ricardo has won several first and second place awards in various categories including Fastest and Cleanest Fade, Lo Fade and Beard, Total Look, and Traditional Haircut. In competitions, between 20 and 30 people usually compete for awards.

Most competitions, while not offering cash rewards, do offer useful consumables such as products, hair clippers, and razors. Ricardo is more about making his name known and networking. It also promotes its hometown and county.

When he was growing up, Ricardo attended Susan Moore High School. He is a 2012 graduate. During his school days, Ricardo played on the soccer team. Today Ricardo likes to build, show and sell Lo Ride trucks.

Holidays and birthdays have always been a special time for his family. The family likes to celebrate these milestones together. Ricardo now has a family of his own. He and Mrs. Juanita have two boys. You visit the Church of the Highlands. it is It is important to him and Juanita that the children get involved in the church and learn about God.

Family is still very important to him and Ricardo works hard every day to make sure their needs are met. Even if the hairdressing trade supports the family, Ricardo sees it as a passion. His motto is: “Do it!

for love, not for life. “

From a shy boy to much-needed public service, Ricardo lives his dream and loves what he does.


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