Real estate transactions 4/12/21 | | The Braunschweiger Nachrichten

Glynn County’s property transfers that involve a currency exchange were recorded by the Glynn County’s Supreme Court Secretary for the week of November 15 to November 19:

Seller: Don N. Andrews

Buyer: Trey Andrews

Price: $ 205,000

Location: Union Street

Seller: James D. Drumm

Buyer: Claire Davis

Price: $ 269,000

Location: old town

Seller: Wde Investments LLC

Buyer: RTC Golden LLC

Price: $ 1,050,000

Location: Cottage # 2 East End

Seller: Russell A. Fuller

Buyer: Tyler Evans

Price: $ 253,500

Location: Belle Point

Seller: Shannon Monteleone

Buyer: AZA Holdings LLC

Price: $ 340,000

Location: Hidden Harbor Yacht Club

Seller: American Development Properties LLC

Buyer: Vctrey LLC

Price: $ 795,000

Location: Golf Retreat Nord

Seller: Erik M. Kreft

Buyer: George Hunter

Price: $ 510,000

Location: oak forest

Seller: Juan Perez Morales

Buyer: Mason Maroney

Price: $ 195,000

Location: Urbana

Seller: Malissa A. Golubic

Buyer: Timothy M. Hackney

Price: $ 305,900

Location: Eagle Crest

Seller: Freeport Title & Warranty

Buyer: Fred Street Properties LLC

Price: $ 430,000

Location: Kings Terrace

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature Homes LLC

Buyer: Candelario Sanchez

Price: $ 255,300

Location: Covington Pointe

Seller: Anthony Travis Ruffner

Buyer: Jennifer Lynn Crosby

Price: $ 175,900

Location: sandalwood

Seller: O Street Church of God Inc.

Buyer: Dame Management Services LLC

Price: $ 80,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Joseph Jerald Robinson

Buyer: Arthur L. Cyphers Jr.

Price: $ 340,000

Location: Southern Landing

Seller: Moxley Homes LLC

Buyer: Gary T. McRae

Price: $ 320,900

Location: Grace Crossing at Carriage Gate Plantation

Seller: Dewaine T. Norris

Buyer: Dan T. Fowler

Price: $ 340,400

Location: Harbor Oaks

Seller: Building Project Management LLC

Buyer: Brian Cullen

Price: $ 2,275,000

Location: Township Frederica

Seller: Louise C. Tostensen

Buyer: Charles R. Proudfoot III

Price: $ 180,000

Location: Cameron Place

Seller: Christopher Rusnak

Buyer: William M. Stoiber

Price: $ 799,000

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: OOTB Brunswick LLC

Buyer: Parish Church of St. Simons

Price: $ 975,000

Location: N / A

Seller: Carolyn Faras Jernigan

Buyer: Cory C. Rule

Price: $ 187,000

Location: Brockinton Point

Seller: Peninsula Investment Holdings LLC

Buyer: Steven P. Kirk

Price: $ 45,500

Location: Peninsula near Golden Isles

Seller: Zena Martin

Buyer: Billy E. Birdwell

Price: $ 507,500

Location: Harrison Pointe

Seller: David Falken

Buyer: Rajesh Patel

Price: $ 30,000

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: Two Dudes Enterprises LLC

Buyer: Rajesh Patel

Price: $ 31,000

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: Coastal Home Helper LLC

Buyer: Ramiro Garcia Jr.

Price: $ 150,000

Location: Mark Carr Square

Seller: Mary Pauline Crosby

Buyer: Marci Renee Edwards

Price: $ 226,400

Location: Deerfield Railway Station

Seller: Sun Coast Homes Inc

Buyer: Whprather Properties LLC

Price: $ 150,000

Location: old town

Seller: Luke Fuller Tindol

Buyer: William R. Herbert

Price: $ 1,100,000

Location: Hampton Plantation

Seller: Towne Club Construction LLC

Buyer: Brandon C. Hewett

Price: $ 526,000

Location: Captains Cove

Seller: Roger D. Kamen

Buyer: Rajesh Patel

Price: $ 30,000

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: Felicia B. Collins

Buyer: Angela Golden

Price: $ 105,000

Location: Turtle Creek

Seller: Russell S. Jokinen

Buyer: Ricko N. Washington

Price: $ 339,000

Location: old town

Seller: Jermey C. Thomas

Buyer: Julian Robert Sowell

Price: $ 199,900

Location: Maggies Ridge

Seller: Brandon C. Hewett

Buyer: Randolph H. Clark

Price: $ 690,000

Location: Silver Oaks

Seller: Carolyn L. Fleetwood

Buyer: Bobbi H. Jernigan

Price: $ 457,500

Location: Forest Park

Seller: Jack L. Morris Jr.

Buyer: Global Property Management LLC

Price: $ 115,000

Location: Touchstone Ridge

Seller: James A. Weidhaas

Buyer: Gwynneth Blackwelder

Price: $ 422,200

Location: Sea Palms Golf & Country Club

Seller: Joshua M. Nelson

Buyer: Kim Anh Le

Price: $ 112,000

Location: Mayhew

Seller: Lisa Chapman Woods

Buyer: Courtlyn Christanna Fussell

Price: $ 269,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Jeanne Falken

Buyer: Scott N. Taylor

Price: $ 375,900

Location: Eagle Crest

Seller: Marion Wiley Jr.

Buyer: WID Jean Baptiste

Price: $ 232,800

Location: Bridgewater

Seller: Lisa Grace Wesely

Buyer: Greyson Alexander Emery

Price: $ 84,000

Location: Neustadt

Seller: Nyoka L. Patton

Buyer: Dylan T. King

Price: $ 209,900

Location: Avondale

Seller: Richard C. Estes

Buyer: James Douglas

Price: $ 3,160,000

Location: lake island

Seller: WJH LLC

Buyer: CF KL Assets

Price: $ 208,400

Location: Saddle Brooke

Seller: Allen M. Baker III

Buyer: David F. Ingalls

Price: $ 543,000

Location: Sea Palms

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