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Real Estate Company Launches Podcast “Outdoor Addiction”

Published 4:47 p.m. Thursday 27 October 2022

BROOKHAVEN — A new podcast will be released Thursday by a local real estate company. Bruce Gray, Keith Kavitz and Kris Xifos launch the Outdoor Addiction podcast. You work for Real Tree United Country’s McDaniel-Gray Realty office on South Railroad Avenue.

Kavitz was hit by darts last June. He and Gray are members of the Southwest Mississippi Branch of the National Deer Association. They went to church together and knew each other, but worked together in real estate and the NDA.

Xifos is a Marine veteran who fought overseas terrorists during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Together they have started a podcast that will highlight stories about the outdoors and real estate and hopefully share information that will be educational for people.

“Hunting is always changing. You never learned everything,” Gray said.

Kavitz said the idea of ​​doing a podcast came from Xifos, who wanted to reach out to the public. Xifos persuaded his colleagues to come up with the idea and they recorded episodes. The first episode of the podcast airs today at 5 p.m. and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other podcast platforms. Kavitz said it should come out once a week.

Each week, Kavitz and Gray are joined by John Bass on SuperTalk 102.1 FM where they host the Land Pro Real Tree Show. The show lasts about 18 minutes and airs every Friday at around 9am

“It’s started to come together, and we’re looking at new ways to reach people,” Kavitz said. “We’ve been doing radio for three years and we’ve enjoyed it so far. Podcasts are another way to reach people. I think it will be good. We enjoy it.”

The office features a variety of mounts, vintage pocket knives, duck and grunt calls, and artwork depicting wildlife. Kavitz, Gray and Xifos have great chemistry for cutting jokes and sharing stories about nature, and Bass adds a scathing comment to keep the conversation on the radio show under control.

According to Gray, airtime is a great way to advertise and reach people. United Country McDaniel-Gray is different from real estate companies that sell homes. He said they aim to sell people land and a lifestyle. The podcast and other outreach projects help with their mission.

“We specialize in selling lifestyle real estate,” Gray said. “We don’t just sell land and houses. We sell lifestyles. We can tell you how many acres are on a property and help you with hunting, fishing or farming and answer lifestyle questions. We take care of everyone who wants a property. We’re happy to do that.”

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