Public Safety Fund, Hand Avenue Extension, and Church Vote: Q + A with City Commissioner Rob Littleton


The big problem hovering over Ormond Beach is Avalon Park, said City Commissioner Rob Littleton.

That’s something he wants to keep an eye on over the next year to make sure the town of Ormond Beach isn’t too badly hit.

“We can’t stop development, but I’ll do everything I can to make sure the West Granada project doesn’t turn into bumper traffic,” said Littleton. “It is unfortunate that previous commissions did not handle this better in the beginning.”

The Zone 4 representative spoke to the Ormond Beach watchers on Monday, July 5th, about other issues in town, from the church at 56 N. Beach St. to his strong feelings about the failed half-cent sales tax initiative.

Is there a project that you hope will be included in the upcoming budget?

Yes, creating a public security fund with a special Millage tariff is my top priority. While other crazy cities make up for the police, at Ormond Beach we love our first responders. I also want to see if we can convert our medians to native plants to save water and replace the roof of the police station.

What is a problem that you are keeping an eye on in your zone?

Recently, the Volusia District Council discussed widening Hand Avenue to four lanes between Nova and Clyde Morris. I want to make sure the stretch of road doesn’t turn into a drag racing strip where those junctions become almost a demolition derby competition.

Do you still support an extension to Hand Avenue on Hand Avenue? And if so, why?

I still support the extension of Hand Avenue and it will make it easier to get to the other side of I-95. On the plus side, Ormond Beach won’t pay for it because it’s not our street.

Another sales tax initiative for half a cent could be in sight. It was discussed in the district council not so long ago. You have encouraged residents to vote against a sales tax of half a cent in the 2019 initiative. Would you support a future initiative?

Hell no, I wouldn’t support a future initiative. Sales tax was rubbish back then, and now it’s getting smelly. It must be brought out again and freed from its misery. To be honest, I don’t think the Volusia District Council will really move on with this. If you do you have to tell me what drugs you smoke because it has to be the good stuff. Seriously, the people of Volusia County voted against it, and Jeff Brower won the race for the presidency. What more evidence do you need?

Why do you feel so strongly about it?

The way it was set up it was a watered-down mess and the citizens basically should have [pay to] Construction of roads and other projects that developers have to pay for.

What do you think of the transfer of the police station?

In theory, I am not against moving the police station for a real EOC. In reality, it’s going to cost too much money so I’m not currently supporting it.

You voted yes to demolish the church. Why did you vote for it and what do you think of the upcoming special session that the mayor has called?

The building was built as a church. It worked as a church, and it looks like a church. However, the city does not hold church services. The building therefore restricts the possible uses and limits the potential for the parcel. I do not want the view of our community to be restricted or restricted by an old building contaminated with asbestos and mold.

But the special meeting changes the dynamic and I’m open to people’s plans for the property.

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