Palestinians upset over Armenian Church leasing land to Australian Jews; Not Israeli, but Jewish


A general view shows the place of the Western Wall in Jerusalem amid the coronavirus pandemic, May 6, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Ronen Zvulun.

Al monitor reported last month:

The current religious leader of the Armenians [in Jerusalem] and his real estate director are now in a row with the Palestinian leadership because they initially leased previously unused sensitive land next to the Jewish quarter to the Israeli community for a parking lot.

The 10-year lease, according to which the Israelis had to spend $ 2 million on clearing the rubble to prepare the parking lot, is now supposed to be a 99-year lease to the Jewish Australian businessman Danny Rubensteinto convert it into a luxury hotel, which the Patriarchate has admitted and said it will “bring in a stream of hundreds of thousands of dollars that will give the church financial stability”. [emphasis added]

The land is leased to a Jew. And the Palestinians are very upset about it.

Al-Quds newspaper reports:

The General Secretary of the National People’s Congress of Jerusalem, Major General Bilal Al-Natsheh, warned of the danger that the Armenian Patriarchate will lease property belonging to it to a Jewish investor in the Armenian neighborhood of East Jerusalem to build a hotel on it. Al-Natsheh said in a statement released today, Monday, that this move is part of Israeli policy Judaization the Holy City in general and the Old City in particular.

The General Secretary of the National People’s Congress of Jerusalem added that this measure is completely opposed and the Patriarchate must reconsider its decision and withdraw.

If the land were leased to a Muslim, no one would care. If it were leased to Christians, no one would care. But when it is rented to a Jew – not an Israeli but a Jew – the riot proves once again that anti-Zionism is just a thin cover for old-fashioned hatred of Jews.

It was never about Israel or Israelis. It was always about Jews.

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