On the watertight security policy… Experts urge IGP to go beyond empty orders and memo disclosure

The country’s police authorities have been ordered to go one step further in their efforts to curb the country’s rampant crime and crime.

Security professionals, responding to the police leadership’s latest strategies, have escalated their crime-busting efforts beyond the usual practice of issuing baseless orders and leaking official memos to the press to give the appearance of hard work.

Inspector General of Police IGP Usman Baba had ordered the deployment of watertight security to cover all schools, hospitals, health workers and vital national infrastructure across the country.

The IGP similarly ordered regular patrols, searches and shows of force by tactical commanders to deal with the crime hotspots and criminality recorded in some states of the Federation.

The IGP gave the order while reviewing the nation’s overall security situation based on reports from commands and formations across the country.

Force PRO, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi said the IGP has directed strategic police managers at various levels to prioritize the use of intelligence gathering networks, particularly traditional/local intelligence sources, to locate criminal hideouts and flush them out before they strike.

The IGP, he said, has urged all officers and men alike to go on the offensive and take the fight against crime to the doorposts of suspected criminal elements, including bushes and unfinished buildings, to profile them and those who are found to be suspicious to be brought to justice accordingly.

Insecurity: IGP orders watertight security around schools, hospitals

The IGP also urged Nigerians to cooperate with the police as many police agents are seen in strategic areas, routes and communities to quell the antics and criminal activities of underworld men.

However, he warned Nigerian police officers and men to be courteous, professional and humane in carrying out their duties.

Meanwhile, security experts have not endorsed the IGP’s watertight order around schools and hospitals following widespread attacks.

While some of the experts supported the order, others say police are unwilling to address widespread insecurity.

The managing director of Beacon Consulting, Dr. Kabir Adamu said while he had no issues with the order, he frowned at situations where confidential memos were leaked.

He added that the IGP made a general comment without revealing the details of the strategy.

“I have problems when officials release confidential memos or when they announce confidential plans that remove the element of secrecy necessary in all security operations,” he said.

A public and private safety analyst and trainer, Major Banjo Daniel (RTD), said the persistent empty orders show the lack of commitment to deal with the criminals known to the system.

He said if security agencies were deployed, a special operation would have eliminated those threats.

“I don’t believe in these people anymore. It’s because the guard brigades died and they went somewhere and captured and killed a bunch of people. If we were honest with ourselves we could do better, we know where these people are.

“Do special operations, take care of all these people, the military can do that; Even the police can do that. If they were willing, all they had to do was sit down and make plans on how they would bomb that area with some planes and then proceed with ground operations, but of course they don’t,” he said.

In his contribution, Bishop Gospel Emmah Isong, a minister and National Publicity Secretary for the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, urged the federal government to commit to using hi-tech military equipment to help overcome insecurity in the country.

Isong spoke to the LEADERSHIP correspondent in a phone interview yesterday about the way ahead to overcoming the security challenges Nigeria is facing

The cleric was speaking from Seoul, South Korea, where he is currently attending a leadership conference titled “Summit 2022” along with 300 world leaders from 137 nations to chart a way forward to achieve world peace.

Christian Central Chapel International CCCI (Faith Mansion) Overseer General Ikot Ene-Obong 8 Miles, Calabar, Bishop Gospel Emmah Isong, stated that using high-tech equipment to fight insurgency would give federal government troops the upper hand in solving security challenges.

While explaining that the current insecurity in the country is an issue of concern, he emphasized that insecurity and poverty are symbiotic.

“Insecurity feeds on poverty, while, on the other hand, poverty also feeds on insecurity.

“If we as a people have failed to take the right step to solve the security challenges, we will blame no one, we will blame ourselves.

“Much has been said in the conference and more will be said. Whatever is said, it will be instructive and instructive.”

The PFN writer explained that the fight against insecurity and insurgency has reached the stage where those fighting the war against the country’s enemies must fight not the way conventional wars are fought, but at a military high -Must resort to tech gear if they want to subdue the enemy.

Isong said that using hi-tech military equipment such as drones and other sophisticated military hardware is the only way to defeat enemies, not the old and conventional way of conducting wars, which the clergyman sees as outdated and no longer effectively designated defeat the enemies.

Capture Owo Church Bombers Commendable Group

Meanwhile, one group, the Renaissance Initiative, has described Nigeria’s armed forces’ pivotal attack against terrorists, bandits and business vandals across the country as timely, proactive and with answered prayers.

The group said in a statement yesterday the incident was a form of assurance that the country would return to normality very soon, just as it attributed the ongoing successful military operations to the increased synergy being promoted by Defense Headquarters.

The statement, signed by National Secretary-General Abdullahi Gombe, says Nigerians are united behind the Nigerian Armed Forces in their operations against those who seek to instill fear in the population.

According to the Renaissance, “The evil conspiracy is to instill fear in Nigerians and make us embrace abnormality as a way of life. In fact, the Nigerian Armed Forces have continued to let the country’s enemies know that their evil desire for the country is unacceptable.

“On Sunday, we heard that Nigerian Air Force planes struck at their gathering in Kurebe, Shiroro Municipal Government area, Niger state, eliminating several terrorists during a key meeting hosted by Aminu Duniya, a Boko Haram terrorist commander.

“In the same week, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) killed a terrorist boss, Alhaji Shanono, and 17 of his foot soldiers in Kaduna state.

“Similarly, eight suspected terrorists, including their gang leader Abdulkarim Faca-faca, were killed in a NAF raid in the Safana Municipal Government area of ​​Katsina State on Saturday.”

He expressed relief that the Owo Catholic Church bombers had been captured

praised the renewed force against economic saboteurs under Chief of Defense Staff General Leo Irabor and Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo.

“Recently, Nigerian Navy authorities indicted 13 officers and sailors in a court-martial at Western Naval Command headquarters in Lagos on offenses ranging from aiding and abetting crude oil thieves and pipeline vandalism to other maritime offences.

“It is important to know that since April of this year, the naval forces fighting to rid the nation’s maritime domain of crime have successfully engaged in oil theft, illegal oil bunkering, pipeline vandalism and theft of crude oil and its products worth have thwarted over N25 billion.

“In the Northeast, Joint Task Force “Operation Hadin Kai” theater commander, Maj. Gen. Christopher Musa, confirmed that the Nigerian military’s kinetic and non-kinetic strategies activated 14,609 of the 70,593 insurgents to surrender to the troops.”

The group urged Nigerians to support the troops.

Police operation will create public trust – Ex-CP Alobi

In response to the police tactics, former Police Commissioner, FCT Lawrence Alobi, the Inspector General of Police, said IGP Usman Baba’s policy on the deployment of watertight security for all schools, hospitals, health workers and critical national infrastructure across the country will be trusted create in the minds of citizens when they see that the police have been deployed to secure them.

He said the operation and announcement would reassure the public, knowing that Nigerian police officers are searching the streets for criminals.

The retired police commissioner also said the measure could be both positive and negative.

Alobi said criminals may also come up with another strategy to counter the actions taken by police by bypassing the points where police officers are stationed.

Meanwhile, the former police commissioner also called for a national security policy that would define the jobs and duties of all security agencies, noting that all have taken over the work of the Nigerian police.

He said the recently introduced national crisis management doctrine should be anchored in a security political framework to adequately guide security agencies.

Alobi argued that the police are the leading security management agency in the country, but are underfunded and as a result, it has become difficult for the police to carry out their duties effectively.

On the police’s ability to deal with insecurity, he said that if the police provide the necessary welfare, funding, equipment and manpower, they will do their job well.

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