Obituary for Doretta Aslanian (1957–2022) – Willow Grove, PA

Doretta “Dorie” Basmajian-Aslanian
February 28, 1957 – January 25, 2022
Dory was known and loved by everyone as a cheerful, friendly person who had charm and the ability to brighten the day with small chats with friends, family, co-workers and even clients. She had a talent for understanding others through personal connection. From the sound of her voice to short text messages, we all loved her presence.
Born in Jersey City, NJ, she was the daughter of the late Charles and Alice Basmajian and was welcomed by her older brother, Charlie. Dorie went through many changes as a young teenager when her mother died and she then served as ‘lady of the house’, cooking for her family after school. She stayed strong to support her family and grew stronger through extracurricular activities in high school. She focused her talent on marching bands and learned to play the trumpet and flute to become a golden girl. She had great support throughout high school and continued to build those relationships into her adult life. Since her immediate family was small, she shared many experiences with other relatives and cousins. They were as close as biological siblings and treated each other as “sisters and brothers.”
After high school, Dorie moved on to balance work and school while continuing with her chores at home. She pursued a career in business administration and later obtained her New Jersey real estate license while maintaining her active status. Most of her memorable work experiences began in the electronics industry, where she met some of her closest lifelong friends. Customers continued to look forward to communicating business, as did their colleagues and acquaintances. In addition, she was a welcome participant at St. Thomas Armenian Church in Tenafly, NJ, where she participated in youth activities and continued to grow her social life.
When she least expected it, Dory met her beloved husband-to-be Steven at a church gathering and welcomed him into her life. She offered so much love and support between them in their marriage and bonded with Steven’s family and friends like a cousin and made him welcome into her family and relatives.
They relocated to Cedar Knolls, NJ, where Dorie and Steve welcomed their greatest blessings: daughter Megan Alice and son Daniel Serak. Dorie put her career aside and stayed at home to serve as a supportive mother to her children in their early years. She was a model “Donna Reed” to her family and became lifelong friends with many of her neighbors and members of St. Mary’s Armenian Church.
In her recent move to Langhorne, PA, Dory continued her wonderful parental guidance and extended her sunny vibes to meet many of her new neighbors in town, as well as the members of Holy Trinity Church in Cheltenham, PA, who also loved her and to connect with them.
As her children completed their education and started their own careers, Dorie chose to continue working at the local ShopRite, where she would make both colleagues and customers happy. She received many compliments and positive notes from co-workers while also being a wonderful, loving wife, mother, and great friend.
We mourn her presence here on earth and pray that she will be numbered among the faithful in God’s heavenly kingdom. As her beloved husband would say, Dory is able to fulfill her role as a true “angel”.
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Posted by John J. Bryer’s Funeral Home on January 29, 2022.

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