Nordkrainer come together, pray for friends and family at home

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) — Voices praying in unison at First Baptist Church in Watertown on Sunday afternoon.

Ukrainian voices prayed for peace in their nation.

One of the churchgoers is Elena Ososkaoo. She says she still has family in Ukraine.

“I am very sad for my country, Ukraine. I still have so many people in it,” Ososkaoo said.

The church holds a regular Sunday service for Ukrainians. But these services have become more important to these people since Russia invaded Ukraine.

“So many relatives, so many my brothers and sisters in Christ,” said Ososkaoo.

Pastor Vitaliy Kelytyvk is the pastor of the Ukrainian congregation at the church. He says prayer and fellowship as brothers and sisters are vital to the Ukrainian community right now.

“Our heart is broken because we have a lot of relatives in Ukraine right now. What we can do? Of course we can pray first. Like the church, we pray,” Kelytyvk said.

Donations for medical aid and food for the Ukrainian people are also important now, he says.

“And we know that the people of Ukraine need our help now. Lots. Many,” said Kelytyvk.

Elena says she first came up north in the 1980s. And raised her children here. She urges her children to be thankful to be in the US in times of war in Ukraine.

“So far everyone has been safe, thank God. Like no one has died yet, but we don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” Ososkaoo said.

Kelytyvk says he and the congregation appreciate all of the American churches that have gathered to pray for the country of Ukraine.

Ukrainian congregation at First Baptist Church in Watertown.(wwny)

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