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Meet Your Neighbor: Pastor Josh Knierim of The Church at Old Town

Published Tuesday 23 August 2022 20:42

Pastor Josh Knierim has carved a special place for himself and The Church at Old Town in the Helena community. Knierim has been in the ministry for about 18 years and said when the opportunity arose to help set up TCAOT he gladly took the opportunity.

“Our family has always tried to be open to where God would lead us, but our hope was that God would lead us to a place where we could invest deeply in a community and transform people’s lives,” he said knee rim. “Because we’ve seen the church grow and we’ve met people in town, we’re so thankful that God brought us here to Helena.”

The church has just celebrated its one year anniversary and during that time Knierim has been committed to representing the church and the city in the best possible way. They have participated in several local festivals and holiday celebrations, including hosting the city’s Easter egg hunt, where they donated 8,000 eggs. Knierim said they also enjoy being the focal point for the Christmas Parade celebrations.

Knierim said he wanted the church to always be an open door for anyone looking for something.

“From the start, we wanted to be relevant to the city,” he said. “We believe we have a responsibility to do our part to address the spiritual needs of the people of Helena and the surrounding areas. We know everyone has some type of struggle in their life and we would love to be a place of hope and connection.”

He went on to say that he loves Helena’s small town feel, from the local restaurants to the close relationships. He said it was clear how much the people of Helena love their city and he admired that very much.

“I love seeing the connections that are made as people draw closer and grow in faith together,” he said. “As a pastor, it’s a blessing to hear people’s stories and see how God works in their lives. Another thing I love about TCAOT is that we are blessed to have so many children and teenagers in the church. It is an honor to be able to feed into the next generation and help them prepare for this challenging world.”

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