Local Heroes by Gregg Motley

Gregg Bunt. President of Regional Economic Development, Inc. Submitted photo.

In previous columns I have mentioned the importance of leadership as a critical ingredient in the success of a community, and we have a number of men and women in our county who are leaders. The citizens, whom I consider heroic, invest much of their time, talent and wealth into our community. Here are some projects that I consider particularly important:

Sleep Inn. Funded largely by local investors, this project enhanced a corner entrance to Fort Scott and our historic district. It also gave us a newer hospitality facility that leaves many of our visitors with a positive impression of our community.

Fort Scott ammunition. This was a large investment by a local family in another run down property at the entrance to Fort Scott. While they use the property extensively, they may never get back all the money they invested in the property to make it usable.

Hole in the wall. Yes, this project had some public funding, but local investors took a chance and developed an attractive building from an eyesore across from the National Historical Site. Remember the concrete blocks and poles on Scott Avenue?

E3/Common Reasons. A local couple poured a large sum of money into this project, restoring a key intersection in the historic district and drawing several new companies into the development.

Sharkys and Luthers. This investment in a downtown building and the leasing of another important landmark has created an attractive meeting place for locals and tourists alike.

Bandera stone. This Bourbon County company announced a new showroom location in Uniontown. This is a much needed investment in the west of our county.

milk queen. Another local couple is making a big investment to build a brand new building in South Main accessible to many just passing through. Our county has realized a nice increase in sales tax collection at the expense of this couple’s increased overhead.

vortex street. Two locals bought some derelict lots on the 300 block west of the Presbyterian Church and built two new homes that will add significant value to the neighborhood. About two years after construction, the men sold the land at a loss. Heroically they started the project, not to make money, but to make our community a better place.

Action team Good Neighborhood. This group of community leaders has made countless personal investments in Bourbon County communities, usually under the radar. Yard cleans, paint jobs, wheelchair ramps and other community improvements have been completed dozens of times by these generous Bourbon County stars.

The list goes on. Investments like these by locals are the lifeblood of our community and represent commitments that go beyond the call of duty. Another goal of Bourbon County REDI is to facilitate future investments like this across our county, not just from local heroes and heroines, but from newcomers as well.

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