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GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – A Greenwood church is giving back to the community by renovating teachers’ lounges and creating special rooms just for educators.

“Our goal is to make a difference in the church through the people who serve the community,” said Pastor Wayne Murray.

Murray is the senior pastor at mercy assembly of God at Greenwood. His community is focused on helping teachers.

“Teachers make a huge difference in people’s lives, and if they are encouraged to do so, that will multiply to the students. So that’s one of the reasons we want to redesign the teachers’ lounge in every school we’ve served,” Murray said.

Photo Courtesy Grace Assembly of God

Each year, during a special day of worship, hundreds of people from the congregation renovate teachers’ lounges and areas in various schools. Think of the “Fixer Upper” school style. No more hard chairs and bright lights. Instead, brand new kitchens, appliances and sofas – all wrapped up in an upscale ambience.

“Many hands make easy work. So there’s so much you can accomplish when you work together,” Murray said.

It’s an attempt to help teachers rest, recharge, and remember that the community cares about them.

“When someone offers to make the teachers’ lounge a comfortable, warm, welcoming, welcoming place for teachers to retreat to — even for just five minutes a day. Just to refresh yourself and recharge your batteries. Wow wonderful! And we’re so grateful,” said Julie Young.

Young is the Principal of VO Isom Central Elementary School in Greenwood. The school’s teachers’ lounge underwent a surprise makeover in the summer of 2021.

“I think they’ve heard a thousand thanks from many of us because we’re just grateful to know that the community cares about them. They care enough to give us this place to charge – reset. So that we’re ready for kids anytime, anytime of the day,” Young said.

The Church made similar improvements to Greenwood Community High School this summer.

“I mean, how many times can you say thank you?” Michael Gasaway asked. “It’s just a cool looking place.”

Gasaway is the high school principal and can’t thank the volunteers enough.

Along with manpower and design skills, the church spent $30,000 on the teachers’ lounge and a new teachers-only gym. A place where employees can stay physically fit, healthy and whole. Perhaps they leave her most motivated by the simple act of kindness.

“The fact that the church and the volunteers — 200+ volunteers — came here for a reason and did it for no money and just gave… servant leadership is the best style of leadership for me, and when you have 200 church members you come in and serving a greater good than just themselves. They are doing exactly what we are meant to do as human beings,” Gasaway said.

A gift that the church says they will benefit most from.

“We are the ones who find joy in service. There is joy in giving, in serving, in blessing others,” Gasaway said.

Grace Assembly of God has also done service projects to repair buildings and landscapes at other schools. The church doesn’t know which staff room will be next, but plans to continue renovations in the future.

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