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Fake Catholic Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary claims the economy will suffer roe is knocked over and more babies are born. In tonight Detailed reportChurch Militant’s Paul Murano presents a Republican response to how abortion really affects the economy.

Sen. Tim Scott, RS.C.: “Did you say that ending a child’s life is good for labor force participation?”

The abortion era that began in 1973 resulted in the deaths of nearly 65 million Americans before childbirth, an unfathomable blow to humanity too dark and far-reaching to comprehend.

Still, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had an alternative message to a joint Economic Senate committee.

Janet Yellen, Secretary of the US Treasury: “I believe that removing women’s right to choose when and whether to have children would have a very damaging impact on the economy.”

As if abortion should be sold to Congress roe be overthrown, Yellen summed up the values ​​of her death party.

Yellen: “Women, particularly low-income and often black. … It often deprives them of the opportunity to further their education so that they can later participate in working life.”

The committee member, Republican Senator Tim Scott, embodies the child Yellen recommends for an abortion.

Scott: “All I’m saying is that as a man who was raised by a black woman in abject poverty, I’m grateful to be here as a United States Senator.”

But is Yellen right in his assumption that legalized abortion will boost the economy?

Cheri Poss, Associate Director, Partners for Reproductive Justice: “Abortion even has economic benefits and values.”

Studies show otherwise.

dr Georgia Purdom, Author and Geneticist: “Economic[s] never outweighs the value of human life from a biblical point of view. We know that, but we say even if you look at this from an economic point of view, this argument fails dramatically.”

In response to Yellen, a study conducted by Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee was titled The Economic Cost of Abortion.

Using standard assessment methods, the report states: “We estimate that the economic cost of aborting an unborn child in the United States was $6.9 trillion in 2019, 32% of gross domestic product (GDP) that year.”

It goes on to say, “These costs are 425 times the $16.2 billion in lost income that new mothers could expect in the first six years of their child’s life.”

Bodie Hodge, writer and researcher: “The average American spends about $10,500 a year on taxes. If you add that up for the 60 million missing children… there would be no national debt.”

The abortion carnage transformed America from a civilization of life to a culture of death, with far-reaching psychological, social, and spiritual ramifications.

And despite what the nation’s Democrats are selling, the economy is clearly on the side of life.

The report also calculated that if all 63 million unborn children killed by surgical abortion had survived, “they would increase the current US population by almost 20%.” Of those, 45 million would now be of working age (18-64).

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