Dundas Grace Valley Church lists an office lot for sale

Grace Valley Church listed its 11 E. King St. building for sale on February 9, just over a month before the scheduled closing of its bid to purchase the historic Knox Presbyterian Church.

The 1,700-square-foot building on the edge of downtown Dundas was purchased by Grace Valley for $700,000 in May 2020. His offer to purchase the 1.54-acre Knox lot at 23 Melville St. was accepted in December 2021 and is expected to close on March 31. The agreed price is not yet public.

According to the property listing released Wednesday, February 9, Grace Valley is asking $999,899 for 11 King St. E. The listing indicates the property is zoned as medium-density mixed-use properties.

Zoning of the property is pedestrian oriented to protect commercial use on the ground floor and enhance the pedestrian experience. The existing zoning calls for commercial use on the ground floor with multiple options for office, residential and institutional use on the upper floor. The maximum permitted building height is 11 meters.

At the Grace Valley service on Sunday, February 6, held in Knox, where Grace Valley has rented space for the past three years, Pastor Paul Vanden Brink told church members if they had any ideas about what to do with the Knox property , they should contact Grace Valley’s office via email.

“It’s going to be a kind of online brainstorming session,” said Vanden Brink.

He said all submitted ideas will be reviewed using the rubric Vision and Mission of the Church.

“God willing, there will be some exciting things to be a part of,” said Vanden Brink.

The Knox property, part of the Cross-Melville Heritage District, has been included on the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee’s list of buildings of interest in some way changing but not immediately threatened.

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