Dawson Springs Church is adjusting to area needs three months after tornadoes

DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) — The day after the tornadoes hit parts of western Kentucky, the pastor of a church in Dawson Springs opened up about what they were doing to minister to the people there.

Three months later, 14 News caught up with him again to see how things had changed.

As the tornadoes swept through the area, Redemption City Church was not immune to the damage. Wind broke the front window and damaged parts of the roof, but that didn’t stop the guides from converting it into a shelter for those who didn’t have room to go home.

“It’s a small church, and as a small church we hurt together, and now we hurt together,” said Brad Shuck, pastor of Redemption City, the day after the tornadoes.

Now Dawson Springs is a town on the mend.

As the needs of the area have changed, Redemption City Church has adapted. His worship space and church hall is now a pantry and supply center, which Pastor Shuck treats like a hardware store.

He says the catastrophe showed him how resilient the people here are.

“The tornado wreaked havoc on Dawson Springs,” Shuck said. “People died, people got hurt, people got hurt, people got hurt emotionally, physically and financially; but we’re still a great place and these are still great people.”

He says they changed their offering based on the needs of the area at the time, from tarps in the early weeks to building materials now.

He says they need the most wood right now, and they’ve already received and then distributed over $200,000 in value.

He says they take everything day by day and try to keep up to date as needs change.

“I’ve watched it gradually morph into something else and I’m wondering what the next phase will be. I’m just going with it because you don’t know what’s coming next,” Shuck said.

Pastor Shuck says he keeps a book of contact information for each church across the country that has contributed to their work, and he is committed to sending each of them a thank-you note.

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