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In the parking lot of the Bethlehem Temple of Kenosha at 2528 Roosevelt Road, under a perfectly clear Saturday sky, Rev. Galen Nelson grilled and prepared enough ribs, sausages and hot dogs for over 130 people during the Church’s Community Day event.

Guests could enjoy free dining in the shade, with games and a bouncy castle for families and kids. Tables with free clothing, ranging from baby clothes to women’s shoes, were also available for those in need.

Nelson, who chairs the church’s outreach and evangelism missionary team, said the event was just another part of their efforts to reach out and support the community, like the gas giveaway they hosted last month.

“People are in need, they need food, they need clothing,” Nelson said. “You have to take care of the natural needs.”

Nelson said it is important for churches to help people with their practical problems, not just spiritual ones.

“Preaching is for the inside of a church; People have problems outside the walls,” Nelson said. “Even here we can get so distracted from the sermon portion, but when people go out the door they still have problems.”

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These “outside” problems have only gotten worse as gas and food prices have risen. Nelson said they want to help out in the community in any way they can, whether that be as a gathering place for community events, a vaccination center or, since it was Saturday, a place to eat and enjoy the company of others.

“Our goal is to connect with the community,” Nelson said. “Whatever it is, we’re not just here to chat.”

The church takes a no-questions-asked approach to helping, Nelson said. Regardless of people’s motives, he promised to help anyone who asked him.

“We even feed the postman when he comes,” Nelson said, laughing.

For more information on future Church events, visit the Kenosha Bethlehem Temple Facebook page.

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