City Council Meeting of the City of Dexter

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…and thank you for your interest in the City of Dexters and be City council. Since my election to office in November 2020, I have distributed annotated agendas (see below) before each Council meeting. These newsletters are my personal effort to make it as quick and easy as possible for interested parties to learn what the Council will be discussing and considering at each meeting. Most of the agenda item descriptions are taken directly from the session package. After each meeting (and when video links are available) I share links to the video recordings of the discussion on each agenda item. Agendas, packages, minutes and video links (if available) from previous meetings can be found here:

Hearing residents is one of my favorite parts of the council! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about upcoming Council business or any other Council or City issue, please email me at my official City email address: [email protected]. If you’d rather share your thoughts anonymously, please reply here:

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Dexter City Council meeting

Monday, March 28, 2022 at 7 p.m

3515 Broad Street, Dexter, MI 48130 and via Zoom

Join Zoom meeting

Dial in 877.853.5247 OR 888.788.0099 US Toll Free

Meeting ID: 889 9807 6169#


Meeting package:

Millennium Place Final Map (7956 and 7960 Grand Street):

As always there is two possibilities for disorderly public participation: one at the beginning of the meeting and one towards the end of the meeting. See the agenda for details.

The council will review (1) Minutes of the last meetings and working sessions and (2) the upcoming meeting list. We will also hear various updates from staffincluding the city ​​manager and the Mayor (Note that appropriate written reports are included in the session package).

Following the presentation and any discussion of these reports The Council will consider the following items as part of the Consent Agenda. Unless the Council decides otherwise, these items will be voted on as a single bundle without discussion in the Council.

  • Bills and payslips totaling: $429,653.00
  • Dexter United Methodist Church Road Closing Permit Application for Central St. for April 16, 2022
    • The Dexter United Methodist Church has applied for a road closure for its Face to Face with the Easter Story event. The event is scheduled to take place on April 16, 2022 between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. at Monument Park.
    • The road closure would apply to Central Street between 11am and 4pm for unloading/loading of animals and various animal vehicles.
  • Permission Application to Close Dexter-Ann Arbor Run Road for June 5, 2022
    • The Ann Arbor Track Club has filed a road closure request for the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run. The event is scheduled to take place at Creekside Intermediate School on June 5, 2022, starting at 8:30 am.
    • The race is proposed to travel:
    • Baker Rd. at Creekside Intermediate School → Shield Rd. → Parker Rd. → Dexter-Chelsea Rd. →Dexter-Pinckney Rd. → Huron River Dr. → Zeeb Rd.
  • DPW trailer purchase of BNM trailer sales totaling $6,309.00 or less
    • The Dexter Department of Public Works has received three bids to purchase a new flatbed trailer that will be used primarily to move lawn mowers. The three quotes were as follows:
  • BNM Trailer Sales, Inc. – $6,309.00
  • Large Tex Pendant – $6,898.50
  • Beck’s Trailer Store – $8,106.00
  • This purchase was budgeted for FY21-22.

The Council will discuss or consider (i.e. take action on) the following new deals:

  • Contract award to Concord Excawing for additional stormwater work on Second Street not exceeding $40,000 (Justin Breyer, City Manager and City Clerk; Dan Schlaff, Superintendent Public Utilities; and Tim Stewart, Assistant Public Utilities Superintendent)
    • The previously designed/proposed project would have the Second Street stormwater management system outlet near the car wash. Due to the incline of Second Street, there is a risk of the car wash parking lot being flooded. The proposed solution to this problem is to add a stormwater pipe to connect to the existing system along Central St.
    • Existing plans also stipulated that existing rainwater ditches on the south/west side of the road would be retained. During discussions prior to construction, staff determined that the ditches between Central and Dover were to be steepened to accommodate stormwater flow. Utility workers fear the slopes of the stormwater ditches will cause problems for local residents who need to mow those areas. The proposed solution to this problem is to install a rainwater pipe and fill the trenches with soil/seed.
  • Transfer of ownership to Downtown Development Authority (Michelle Aniol, Community Development Manager)
    • 8077 and 8087 Forest Road On May 9, 2011 the City Council approved the purchase of a property at 8077 Forest (Lot ID 08-08-06-280-024) at a cost of $56,500 and on August 8, 2011 the City Council approved the purchase of a property in 8087 Forest (package ID 08-08-06-280-025) at a cost of $85,000. These land purchases were made on behalf of the Dexter Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to facilitate a future mixed-use redevelopment project in conjunction with the 3045 Broad Street redevelopment project and with an agreement that the DDA would repay the city. In FY2020-2021, the DDA made a final payment to the city, bringing the total repayment amount to $164,000.00, which comprised the purchase price of both properties ($141,500.00) plus costs associated with demolition and management ($22,500 $.00) included.
    • Due to the recent bylaw amendment approved by voters, the city is unable to transfer ownership to the DDA without a vote by city residents. (my words: My understanding is that the likely eventual sale of the same property by the DDA would be the case not require voter approval. Any sale of DDA property is not subject to the recent voter-approved bylaw amendment regarding the sale of public property.)
    • During its February 17 meeting, the DDA discussed the following draft voting proposal, which it would recommend to the Council for consideration at a future meeting:
      • Should the City Council be authorized to transfer the following lots consisting of 0.45 acres that the City Council has purchased on behalf of the Dexter Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and for which the Dexter Downtown Development Authority has reimbursed the City for all costs associated with the purchase, to the Dexter Downtown Development Authority:
        • 8077 Forest (Package ID 08-08-06-280-024)
        • 8087 Forest (Package ID 08-08-06-280-025)
      • 8090 Great Street The property at 8090 Grand Street has been included in the 3045 Broad Street redevelopment project area. The property is not owned by the DDA. It’s owned by the city. City/County records show that on September 9, 2002, the Village of Dexter purchased property at 8090 Grand Street from the Washtenaw County Treasurer and the Washtenaw County Foreclosure Board by foreclosure for $15,021.00. The city incurred an additional $13,800.00 in demolition expenses, for a total expense of $28,821.00.
    • In the event that the DDA decides to purchase the property at 8090 Grand Street, the DDA would like to know whether the City would be interested in selling the property to the DDA, with the understanding that such sales are subject to an affirmative vote would residents of the city?
  • Change of polling location for the #1 and #3 districts to 3515 Broad St. (Justin Breyer, City Manager and City Clerk Joshua Tanghe, Assistant City Manager)
    • Under state law, the Electoral Commission is responsible for determining the boundaries of voting districts, while the electoral body of the municipality is responsible for determining polling stations. With the addition of 3515 Broad Street and upcoming building improvements, the staff is recommending moving the location of Districts 1 and 3 from the Dexter Senior Center (7714) Ann Arbor Street) to the new City Hall at 3515 Broad Street.
    • While the last day to make changes to polling locations for the August primary is June 3, 2022, with the census and newly drawn federal/state/county boundaries in April, the city must issue new voter ID cards to the send residents. A change of polling location can be included in this mailing. Employees plan to participate in the county-coordinated voter ID bulk mailing program to save on costs through economies of scale.
      This change would not affect county boundaries. If approved, staff will work to publicize the change via the website, email updates, Facebook and a forthcoming newsletter article along with voter ID mailings.
  • Millennium Place PUD Final Site Plan and Development Agreement (Michelle Aniol, Community Development Manager)
    • On August 1, 2021, the Planning Commission reviewed a Proposed Unit Development (PUD) application and final site plan for a three-story, 23-unit condominium development in the city, aimed at active adults and professionals, on lots at 7956 & 7960 Grosse Strasse.
    • According to the PUD application, the Millennium Place development will provide the following benefits:
      • Achievement of the master plan goals and targets
      • Improved streetscape along Grand Street
      • Additional parking along Grand Street
      • Improved sewer access
      • Increased tax base
      • Facilitates additional sanitation
      • Improves surrounding property values
      • Population growth for more economic stability for Dexter companies

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