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WARREN – After the seven-day celebration of Kwanzaa ended over the weekend, a Warren church held a special program to summarize the African American holiday.

Members of the Sisters of the Voices of Micah 6: 8 at First Presbyterian Church in Warren hosted a live program on Sunday, which was also broadcast online, to provide an overview of Kwanzaa. A kwanzaa table with candles, books and other items was set up in front of the church.

Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st, with an emphasis on celebrating community, family and culture. It was founded in 1966 to help African Americans reconnect with their African roots and heritage.

Adrienne Adams of the Michigan Black Presbyterian Caucus, who was a youth advocate and educator, spoke remotely during the program. She said that she and many people celebrate Kwanzaa to pay tribute to their African ancestors.

“There are seven principles of Kwanzaa, one of which is marked and a candle lit each day. The first day is “Umoja” for unity. We seek unity in our families, our churches, our fellowship, and the world. What will each of you do to unite God’s people? “ said Adams.

She said the black candle in the middle represents the people, the red candles represent the blood of the ancestors, and the green candles represent the earth, life, and the ideas and promises for the future.

Adams said the seven virtues are rooted in traditional African philosophies of life. The seven are unity, self-determination, joint work and responsibility, cooperative management, purpose, creativity and faith.

Pastor Betty Angelini, Rev. Betty Angelini said the table was set up by the Sisters of the Voices of Micah 6: 8 so that the parish could learn about Kwanzaa and its traditions.

“We got to know our own belief traditions. The Voices of Micah committee put this together so we can learn about other traditions so we can build new relationships over the coming year. We want you to open your hearts to new ideas and new relationships. “ said Angelini.

She said there will be opportunities for growth and service in the Church in 2022.

The Voices of Micah has partnered with Free Indeed Ministry, a non-profit organization.

Free Indeed is led by Rev. Walter and Martha Allen, who care for the prisoners and those who have returned to society after their imprisonment. The focus is on education, family and relationship building.

“We plan to work with Walter and Martha and go side by side to change the lives of those who are currently or have been in prison.” said Angelini.

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