Church neighbor says cross is dangerous to health, Evangelical Focus

That chewing The church in Skien (Norway) is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Society (DELK), a minority church with only 3,300 members of all ages in different parts of the country.

That newly built church building of the parish in Skien was dedicated in August last year and members rejoiced in the event. Little did they know that there would be problems in the coming months.

A group of neighbors complained that the liThe light from the illuminated cross on the church tower was too bright. The Church agreed to reduce the brightness to the satisfaction of most of its neighbors.

The local authorities were also happy about this. The congregation was asked to apply for a dispensation to light the cross, which was granted at the end of March.

However, for a neighbor this was not good enough. He lives about 400 meters away from the church and now claims that the illuminated cross could pose a health problem. He recently appealed against the decision of the local building authority.

The complainant refers to the history of the DELK as a school authority. The parish operates several primary and secondary schools and their Strict teaching methods were controversial more than 30 years ago and caused trauma to some students.

The church leadership recognized this and acknowledged the pain of some students he apologized to all those who attended their schools between 1955 and 1990. They did this for the first time in the 1990s in a statement and then again in 2018 in a personal letter to all former students. The strictness Methods of the past have changed dramatically since then and replaced by a modern and milder pedagogical approach.

The plaintiff neighbor claims that when reading the stories of some students, it becomes clear that it cannot be ruled out that the church cross “could consist of it a health problem for those who were subjected to what he calls “these atrocities.”

He links the glowing cross to past failures at DELK schools and urges authorities to investigate the alleged health risks of the cross at DELK chewing Church.

The complainant fears cross-will “opening old wounds” for those who have had negative experiences in the DELK schools.

Earlierexplained the remaining complainant in the local newspaper telemark visa that the lighted cross “was annoying because we live in a neighborhood with different views. And it appears provocative because it is dominant and shines 24 hours a day”.

At the same time, he emphasized that the problem is not the light itself, but the problem what the cross symbolizes.

Rolf Ekenes (72) was a DELK supervisor from 2011 to 2019 and was a former student of DELK schools himself. Personally, he didn’t have any bad experiences while at school, but he admits that many students had a hard time there. So the letter of apology came from the heart.

But these things happened several decades ago, he insists, and he sees no connection between them and today’s discussion of the cross chewing Church. “If it’s the cross that prompts the complainant to react, he’s bound to have the same kind of reaction wherever there are crosses.”Ekenes told the Norwegian news agency Kristelig press office.

The complaint from the neighbor was received by the Municipality of Skien, and according to the construction unit Months may pass before the appeal can be processed because of capacity problems. Meanwhile, the fate of the church cross is in the stars.

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