Church: Malankara Church Law Public Hearing | Kochi News

Kochi: A public hearing on the Malankara Church Bill was held in Kothamangalam on Thursday. The Municipal Harmony Protection Committee, an organization that had campaigned against the Kothamangalam Church takeover, conducted the hearing.
The Kerala protection of community rights, titles and interests church Property and the Right to Worship of Members of the Malankara Church Bill, 2020 was submitted to the government by the Kerala Law Reforms Commission and the state government had solicited public opinion on the bill. The bill aims to find a solution to the crisis in the Malankara church, which is ongoing despite court orders. While the Jacobite Church welcomes the law, the Orthodox Church opposes it.
The church dispute between the Orthodox Church and the Jacobite Church, the two factions of the Malankara Church, has been going on for decades over control of the congregations.
Although a Supreme Court ruling in 2017 had ruled in favor of the Orthodox faction, effectively granting it control of all church properties, the dispute continued as the Jacobite faction continued to oppose the takeover of many churches in their strongholds resisted.
The bill recommends that where rights and titles are disputed, they should be given a majority, and that any member of the community may petition the circuit judge in writing to establish such a majority.
The Jacobite Church welcomed the move as it effectively helps them circumvent the Supreme Court order, while the Orthodox Church opposes the bill for the same reason.

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