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Keep church and state separate

A Catholic priest, a Protestant pastor and a rabbit go to a blood donation clinic. “What is your blood type?” the clerk asks the priest. “B.” The volunteer evangelical pastor “AB”. “And you?” The clerk asks the rabbit, who replies, “I’m probably a Type O.” I wish news about Christian nationalism today resulted from “typos.”

Christian nationalism ravaged Europe before our founders broke loose to forge a government free from religious control.

They knew that an unholy marriage led to abuse by kings and queens “in the name of God.” The church/state enforced arbitrary laws, political wars, and torturous inquisitions. The Crusades’ bloody quest for power still strains relations with the Muslim world. When “ye shall know them by their fruits,” social control by governments that declare God is hardly divine or good.

Why imitate fundamentalist religious elites making and interpreting laws like in Iran? Do we want our own “moral police” to terrorize those who disagree?

Jesus said, “Give Caesar what is Caesar’s. Give to God what belongs to God”, an apt description of the separation of state and religion. If he wanted to rebel against Rome to set up his own kingdom, he could have done it. Instead, he warned his followers not to harm those who arrested him, saying “the kingdom of heaven” is within us – not without – us. Humility and non-violence are missing today.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Religion is a matter between every man and his Maker” and created his own non-Christian Bible. He didn’t make it required reading. He knew that when the government imposes a religion on everyone, we all reap sacrilege and evil tyranny.

Rebekah Shardy, Loveland

Ignore the GOP’s debt talk, vote democratically

Ah yes, the national debt. Something the GOP only drags out at election time. Remember when Dick Cheney said deficits don’t matter? Six years later, the national debt hit a record high.

It takes very little research to learn that the national debt has risen the most during the tenures of three presidents — Reagan, George W. Bush, and Trump — all Republicans. It was their decision to grant massive tax cuts to the richest people, which led to a huge increase in national debt and a shrinking middle class.

Remember how Republicans called for a balanced budget change earlier at election time? It sounded good, but there was never any substance to the idea because they never made any concrete suggestions as to where spending could be cut. Be honest, everyone thinks spending should be cut, but few want those cuts to be made where they affect them. Some things never change.

GOP is asking for our votes in November to ensure a brighter future. Unfortunately, that will not happen if the party that refuses to accept the science of climate change wins. Because without serious steps to solve this problem, there will be no future, let alone a better one.

Republicans speak of reckless spending, but is it reckless to invest in infrastructure that has been ignored for so long? Or alternative energy so we don’t have to worry about OPEC and Russia rigging supplies? Or help Americans through COVID and global inflation and shortages? Or require corporations and the wealthiest Americans ($400,000+) to pay more taxes so we can afford the necessary spending while reducing the deficit?

President Biden is simply proposing the actions taken by Presidents Clinton and Obama to grow the economy for all Americans. Nothing radical, not just for the very top. Let’s go Brandon!

Ken Bublitz, Loveland

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