Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions September 20-24 | Property



Deborah J. and Ralph E. Felix Jr. sold properties at 5 Bobs Hill, Adams, to Stacie G. Morris and Michael F. and Avis M. Merrill for $ 280,000.

William E. and Beverly A. Wood sold property at 73 Melrose St., Adams, to Anna M. Taylor for $ 180,000.

Commercial Street School LLC sold lot 97 Commercial St., Adams, to 97 Commercial Street LLC for $ 75,000.

82 Commercial Street LLC sold 72 & 82 Commercial St., Adams, lots to Dedominici Real Estate LLC for $ 175,000.

Barbara A. Kittler sold the property at 95 Orchard St., Adams, to Stephen L. and Patricia C. Ryan for $ 475,000.

Jean M. Rice sold the property at 4 Daniels Court, Adams, to Morgan Shafer for $ 137,500.

Brandon S. Lemaire and Taylor A. Kline sold property at 30 Leonard St., Adams, to Trisha R. Huggler for $ 211,000.


Jane A. Archambeau sold the 1052 Main St., Becket property to Ike Amrod and Meaghan Perri for $ 85,000.

Roody Herold sold the property on Prince John Drive, Becket, to Michelle St. Hilaire for $ 11,500.


Eugene A. and Erica M. Legrand sold the 122 Church St., Cheshire property to Berkshire Bear Investments LLC for $ 201,000.

Edward E. and Lillian Zeller sold property 675 Stafford Hill, Cheshire, to Kurt W. and Amanda K. Deneault for $ 420,000.

Peter N. and Anne T. Tietgens, Trustees of the Peter N. Tietgens and Anne T. Tietgens Revocable Living Trust, sold the property at 90 North St., Cheshire, to Scott Nash for $ 234,500.


Britany K. Sullivan sold the 875 Main St., Dalton property to Matthew Cedar and Ashley M. Zink for $ 264,500.

Susan Leduc, trustee of the Leduc Family NT, sold the property at 98 Frederick Drive, Dalton, to Travis and Sarah R. Polidore for $ 425,000.

Andre J. and Judith A. Leblanc, trustees of Andre and Judith Leblanc RVT, sold property at 146 Johnson Road, Dalton, to Benjamin Girard and Leila Crawford for $ 643,000.

Great barrington

Great Barrington Masonic Temple Association Inc. sold 232 Main St., Great Barrington, to James Hendrick for $ 850,000.

Robin Zeamer sold the 8 Forest Row, Great Barrington property to Mary Elizabeth Merritt for $ 280,000.

William F. Nolan sold the property at 0 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington to Jinn Kim and Amal Husseil for $ 300,000.

Bard College sold 107 Lake Mansfield Road, Great Barrington, to Meriweather Clark-Connors and Catherine Ingram for $ 485,000.

Matt J. Gaston sold the property at 13 East Mountain Road, Great Barrington to Fredric Kasner for $ 715,000.

Yishai Jusidman Rubinstein and Hillel Waxman, Trustees of the Button Down Lane Irrevocable Trust, sold the property at 9 Buttondown Lane, Great Barrington, to Jennifer W. Aronson as Trustees of the Jennifer W. Aronson Revocable Trust for 2015 for $ 3,000,000.


Shoresh LLC sold the Corey Road, Hancock property to Martin J. and Renee M. Hanson for $ 92,500.

Vincent and Kathleen Mosdar sold the Corey Road, Hancock property to Kim Taddoni for $ 165,000.


Michael S. and Jennifer E. Nykorchuck sold property at 580 South Main St., Building 1, Unit 2, Lanesborough to Candida M. Rufo for $ 132,000.

Patricia Monti sold property 580 South Main St, Unit 2-2, Lanesborough, to Georgette A. Swistak for $ 115,000.


Christopher H. Hover and Jennifer E. Hover, formerly Jennifer E. Dabrowski, sold property at 880 East St., Unit B, Lee, to Brian M. and Pamela A. Donlan for $ 205,000.

Karen A. Murphy sold the 105 Paul Drive, Lee property to Kyle E. Pettibone and Courtney M. Scapin for $ 379,000.

Karen L. Rizzardini sold the 2 Navin Heights, Lee property to Dena Bancroft for $ 495,000.

Courtney M. Scapin sold the 560 East St., Lee property to Corey G. and Jane D. Sparks for $ 295,000.

Evan S. Laudon sold the 465 Devon Road, Lee property to Justin and Emily A. Thomson for $ 440,000.

David N. Gilmore sold 331 Washington Mountain Road, Lee, to Christopher Spratt for $ 370,000.

Susan B. Ades sold property at 55, 75 & 85 Circular Ave., Lee, to Susan B. Ades and Mark Philip Zeisler for $ 250,000.


Henry Fulford sold property at 501 Walker St., Lenox, to Stanley G. and Norma J. Bolton for $ 538,500.

Stanley M. and Lauryn Franzoni Pederson sold property at 12 Sunset Ave., Lenox, to Stephen C. and Sandra K. Lacey for $ 675,000.

Dale C. Kutzbach and Veronica A. Perry sold property at 30 Clifden Court, Lenox to John Plotkin for $ 440,000.

Dawn S. Carberry sold property at 37 King William Road, Lenox, to Mark and Catherine Burt Cantin for $ 719,000.


Carly A. Detterman and Shawn L. Tryon sold the property at 40 Sandisfield Road, Monterey, to Sarah M. Varney for $ 296,500.

John R. Potoski and Kathleen Potoski sold the 255 Hupi Road, Monterey property to Sarah Andre and Jason Neulander for $ 765,000.

Richard Edelstein sold the property at 6 Lime Rock Lane, Monterey, to Katherine Irene Britton and Allan Jacques Telio as trustees of the Lime Rock Lane Nominee Trust for $ 725,000.

Barbara H. Parker sold the property on Main Road, Monterey to Barry P. Blank and Marcia Blank for $ 40,000.

New Marlborough

John F. Bellinger and Pia G. Bellinger sold 103 Hayes Hill Road, New Marlborough, to Tomas Kubinek for $ 375,000.

Cindy Ashmore and Caleb G. Roepe sold the 1688 Hartsville New Marlborough Road, New Marlborough property to RP Associates LLC for $ 575,000.

North Adams

Craig and Donna Rivard sold property at 62 Liberty St., North Adams, to Jennifer A. Klowden and Bryan R. Josephs for $ 188,000.

Pamela J. Lillie sold property 419-421 East Main St., North Adams, to 419-421 East Main St. LLC for $ 160,000.

David A. and Karen M. Bond sold the 1190 South State Road, North Adams property to Langenback Properties LLC for $ 110,100.

Wi-Fi Properties LLC sold property at 186 Houghton St., North Adams, to Lawrence E. and Serena Newman for $ 174,500.


David Twible, Sharon Sabine, and Sheila Twible sold property 101 and 110 East Shore Road, Otis, to Dana and Karen Twible for $ 315,000.

David Whitehead sold the property on Route 8, Otis to Johnathan Butcher, trustee of the Jack of the Shire RVT for $ 71,500.

George M. and Jan B. Greiner sold the 82 Beaver Hill Road, Otis property to Mark D. and Lisa B. Kaplan for $ 549,000.


David G. and Wendy K. Coe sold property at 13 Stephanie Lane, Peru to David S. Hall and Sarah J. Bacon for $ 449,000.


Travis Polidore and Sarah Polidore, formerly known as Sarah Mele, sold the 47 Marian Ave., Pittsfield property to Cassandra M. Simmons for $ 245,000.

Bruce W. Conuel sold the property at 45 Meadowview Drive, Pittsfield, to Jason A. Conuel for $ 115,000.

Matthew P. and Pamela J. Storie sold the 168 Fort Hill Ave., Pittsfield property to Tyler J. Virgilio for $ 263,000.

Tyler J. Virgilio sold the property at 21 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Marjorie E. Gandolfo for $ 230,000.

Felipe Rosa Jr. and Mary J. Rosa sold the 51 Strong Ave., Pittsfield property to Matthew and Abigail Miller for $ 259,500.

Mark J. Barile sold the property at 26-28 Reuter Ave., Pittsfield, to Julian De Los Santos for $ 250,000.

Jeffrey M. and Michelle M. Costa sold property at 111 Lucia Drive, Pittsfield, to Francis F. McCarthy Jr. and Ann McCarthy, trustees of the Francis and Ann McCarthy RVT, for $ 375,000.

Marites R. Wilbur sold the 179 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield property to Laurencia and Karla Cantu for $ 249,900.

Elizabeth Street LLC sold property 124-126 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield, to Daniel J. and Kathy B. Rapp for $ 350,000.

Sarah J. Hogue sold the property at 54 Churchill St. in Pittsfield to Oral Willis and Kimberlee Olson for $ 417,000.

Cheryl L. Fox, Kevin L. Alfonso, David R. Alfonso, Larry L. Alfonso, and Deborah A. Creer sold property at 78 Richard Drive, Pittsfield, to Gerardo L. and Nicole P. Arace for $ 260,000.

Steven A. and William M. Andrews sold the property at 93 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Whitney Oakes for $ 279,900.

Alan T. and Samantha L. Zawistowski sold 33 Warwick St., Pittsfield property to Susan H. Pinsker, trustee of the Smith-Pinsker Trust for $ 443,000.

Vanessa J. Demarco sold the property at 819 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to William and Susan Harrington for $ 365,000.

Richard P. Armstrong and Lysa M. Dewitt-Armstrong sold property at 140 Bromback St., Pittsfield to Michael Eric Duval for $ 181,000.

Kowalczyk Development Corp. sold the property at 19 Aspen Way, Pittsfield to Mark J. and Mimi A. Lenihan for $ 548,500.

Kevin P. Jordan sold property 16-18 Pine St., Pittsfield to Berkshire Cobble Investments LLC for $ 188,000.

Sava Svirskiy sold the 51 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield property to Jesse Michael Prescott for $ 185,000.

Elizabeth A. Dimeo sold 33 Maplewood Ave., Unit 106, Pittsfield, to Elizabeth L. Gioia for $ 135,000.

Roytay LLC sold a lot on Sadler Avenue, Pittsfield to Jason G. Murphy for $ 38,000.


Helen E. Febbo, trustee of the Helen E. Febbo Revocable Living Trust, sold the 1488 State Road, Richmond property to Michael John Jr. and Jennifer E. Kolean for $ 1,500,000.


Duke Realty LLC sold 314 & 316 Lake Shore Drive, Sandisfield properties to Alan Katz and Sharon Katz for $ 100,000.


John F. Tynan and Ronna M. Brandt sold 202 Center Road, Savoy, to Alexander T. Sutliff for $ 339,900.


Jeffrey A. Heaton and Melonie J. Heaton sold property at 181 Hulett Hill Road, Sheffield to David Spatz and Linda Spatz for $ 580,000.

Karrie M. Barnum and Jeremiah J. Cronin sold property at 42 Oak St., Sheffield, to Mitchell Chavez and Jose Maria Moreno Dominguez for $ 350,000.


Mary Lou Campbell sold the property at 8 Goodrich St. in Stockbridge to Daniel Schapira and Jocelyn Lieb for $ 510,000.

L. Paul and Margaret A. Lindenmaier sold property at 3 Willard Hill Road, Stockbridge to Edward C. and Barbara R. Lane for $ 705,000.

West Stockbridge

Robert J. Lee sold the property at 13 Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge to Bret Kroeger, Margaretta Kroeger, Catherine Macey-MacLeod and Edward Macey-MacLeod for $ 265,000.

Korte / LeProvost / Buratto / Buratto Estate sold the property at 17 Cross Road, West Stockbridge, to Matthew J. Merritt for $ 170,000.


Paula J., Donald H. Cicarelli, and Susan L. Cicarelli-Caputo sold 380 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Susan L. Cicarelli-Caputo and Ralph Caputo for $ 166,666.66.

John P. Gerry and Laura H. Schoenbaum sold 395 Oblong Road, Williamstown, to Jamal O. Stockton for $ 591,000.

Michael H. Luczynski sold the 180 Luce Road, Williamstown property to Jane AWS Shiyah for $ 350,000.

Michael J. Beaudry, trustee of Michael J Beaudry RVT, sold the 170 Lindley Terrace, Williamstown property to Sydney R. Lester and Elliot C. Wilson for $ 188,500.

Mark A. and Linda B. Kivitz sold property at 154 Southworth St., Williamstown, to Emily K. Vasiliauskas and Ryan Max Riley for $ 569,000.

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