Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions November 22-26 | Property


George J. Haddad and Ann M. Bartlett sold the 69 Park St., Adams property to 97 Commercial Street LLC for $ 210,000.

Virginia R. and Gerald F. Lamb, trustees of Lamb NT, sold property 8-14 Thompson St., Adams, to Stonehedge Properties LLC for $ 220,000.


Kenneth P. Burns sold the Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket property to Michael L. Holcomb for $ 34,000.


Craig R. and Sandra B. Crosier sold the 701 Main St., Dalton property to Malcolm M. and Noreen F. Porter for $ 240,000.


James A. and Eileen J. Ossa sold the 115 Monroe Road, Florida property to Providencia Medina for $ 255,000.


Wendy S. Kowalczyk, trustee of the Woloshyn Irrevocable Trust, sold 372 Michaels Road, Hinsdale, to John J. and Brianna M. Virgilio for $ 395,000.

Jeremy F. Ferin sold the property at 145 George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to Linda Anne Adriance for $ 190,000.


Tracy T. Crosby sold the property at 35 Quarry Road, Lanesborough to Melissa A. Phillips and Jesus C. Cabrera Cortes for $ 275,000.


Glenda Baczek sold the 36 Woodland Road, Lee property to Matthew Roche and Joshua R. Stewart for $ 25,000.

James M. and Jane E. Leahy and Philip J. Leahey sold 37 Reservoir Road, Lee, to Allan and Emily Armstrong for $ 250,000.

John F. and Theresa G. Swegel sold property at 335 East St., Lee, to Luis Rodolfo Hernandez for $ 275,000.

Ronald and Linda K. Giancola sold property at 57 Golden Hill Road, Lee, to Judith Anne Collins Faulkner and Scott Eric Faulkner, Trustees of Judith Anne Collins Faulkner FT for $ 676,000.

New Marlborough

Bruce J. Bona and Susan D. Mullen sold the 476 Rhoades & Bailey Road, New Marlborough property to Kristin Hoffman and Yuhang Rong for $ 100,000.

New Marlborough Hill LLC sold the property on New Marlborough Hill Road, New Marlborough to Pamela M. Thompson and Scott C. Thompson for $ 118,750.

North Adams

Carly Y. Louison sold the 404 Church St. and Meadow Street Extension, North Adams property to Harrison R. Schroeder and Lucia A. Randall for $ 265,000.

Wanda L. Burgess sold the property at 51 Chestnut St., North Adams, to Kenneth and Debra Whiting for $ 225,000.

Nicholas R. Lentine sold 66 Furnace St., North Adams, to Michael E. Burns for $ 127,500.

Guy R. Cariddi sold the property at 211 Church St., North Adams, to Michael James Wetterauer and Emily Rachel Riehl-Bedford for $ 227,500.

Norman S. Haas Jr. sold property at 3 Holbrook St., North Adams, to Jocelyn N. Duhamel and Kyle D. Bentley for $ 170,000.

Jason D. Blasso sold the property at 63 Dover St., North Adams, to Molly Rideout and Eric Parrish for $ 166,000.

Charles E. and Katherine W. Swabey sold property at 29 Taft St., North Adams, to Kellie Lee Berkeley for $ 207,900.

Jill M. Lebar sold property 147-149 Corinth St., North Adams, to Jennifer Howard for $ 173,500.

Scott C. Brandon sold property 1002 Mohawk Trail, North Adams to Paul H. and Roseann M. Branco for $ 175,000.

Trustee Deutsche Bank National Trust Company sold the property at 53 Montgomery St., North Adams, to Timoteo Zabala Vargas for $ 21,000.


Robert J. Roy sold the property at Route 8, Otis to Wayne T. and Mary E. Garrison for $ 66,000.


Charles J. Schweigert and Drew M. Herzig sold property at 46 Waverly St., Pittsfield, to Philippe Jacques Jeanjean and Genet M. Jeanjean for $ 360,000.

Meaghan A. Shepard sold the East St., Pittsfield property to Aaron David Weeks in 1821 for $ 205,000.

Marcos Nogueira Gomes sold the property on Dodge Ave. 73 in Pittsfield to Meaghan Shepard for $ 255,000.

Robert C. and Teri Scott, formerly known as Teri Jane D’Angona, sold property at 21 Whitehead Place, Pittsfield, to Robert Lincourt for $ 288,000.

Paul H. and Dawn R. Face sold property at 33 Meadow Ridge Drive, Pittsfield, to Alex Edward Raj, Anita Raj, and Hanah Alfena Raj for $ 599,900.

Robert T. Raymaakers sold 334 Columbus Ave., Pittsfield property to Tim Zhang and Huili Peng for $ 55,900.

Kelvin O. Santos sold property 106-108 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Joseph C. Haas for $ 190,000.

Richard B. Maillet sold the 800 Williams St., Pittsfield property to Shane LaGrant for $ 245,000.

Raymond A. and Deborah A. DiNicola sold the Putnam Ave property. 30, Pittsfield, to Matthew Razanouski, Trustee of the Putnam Ave 30 Trust, $ 220,000.

Trad A. Campbell, Trustee of Ella F. Campbell RT, sold property at 1 Cynthia Lane, Unit 1, Pittsfield, to Linda M. Perry for $ 340,000.

Big Block LLC sold the 575-577 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield property to Small Block LLC for $ 650,000.

Trinity Ventures LLC sold the Marian Ave property. 32, Pittsfield, to Cindi Isenhart, $ 185,000.

Ruth E. Nagelschimdt sold the property at 10 Brattle St., Pittsfield, to Elizabeth Kimber for $ 180,000.

James L. and Kym M. Henderson sold 56 Dexter St., Pittsfield, property to Shirley Ann Edgerton for $ 166,000.

Helen Allessio, personal representative. of the estate of Jean I. Morgan, sold property at 31 Whittier Ave., Pittsfield, to David M. and Romana Delic Messer for $ 150,000.


Duke Realty LLC sold the 320 Lake Shore Drive, Sandisfield property to Fredrick Kleiman and Melissa Kleiman for $ 70,000.


Christopher and Jackie Arnold sold the property at 112 Horton Road, Savoy, to Ricky Johnson and Shari A. Brooks for $ 229,000.


Alice M. Fitts sold the property at 0 Polikoff Road, Sheffield to Jonathan R. Habacker for $ 47,000.

Pine Grove Properties LLC sold 53 Clayton Road, Sheffield property to Sandy Loam LLC for $ 375,000.

Kenneth Cooper Estate sold property at 41 South Main St., Sheffield to Joseph J. Bozza and Diane H. Wortis for $ 300,000.


Dominic and Karen Sue Cardillo sold the property at 9 East St., Stockbridge, to Christopher J. and Dana H. Wood for $ 330,000.

West Stockbridge

Thea R. Smith sold 146 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, to Anna K. Benson and Kenneth C. Benson for $ 499,000.


Elizabeth H. Bartels and Timothy J. Heekin, personal representatives. of the estate of Jane Jessup Heekin, and Timothy J. Heekin and Margaret Heekin Kendsinger, trustee of James R. Heekin Jr. RVT, sold property on Torrey Woods Road, Williamstown to Anthony Patera and Anddie Chan-Patera for $ 239,800.


Nicholas Batanglo sold the property in 1785 on East Windsor Road, Windsor to Anthony J. Rigali for $ 207,000.

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