Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions June 14-18: Multiple Properties Selling for $ 1 Million and Up | property



Francis A. Waterman Jr. and Patrick H. Klammer sold East Orchard Terrace, Adams property to Jeffrey A. Lussier for $ 32,000.

Christine A. Tietgens, Susan C. Barthe, and Michael L. and William A. Lemanski sold property on Bieniek Ave. 13 in Adams to Kyle D. Bromley and Susan C. Barthe, $ 140,000.

Thomas W. and Noella Wotkowicz sold property at 48 Meadow St., Adams, to Sean H. Fisher for $ 218,000.

Jessica V. Stansfield sold the property at 9 Hoosac St. in Adams to Taylor and Daniel Harding for $ 181,000.


Gerald Axel and Seena Russell Axel sold 65 North Egremont Road, Alford, to Scott Wilk Rubin for $ 650,000.


Cathy Coburn, formerly known as Catherine Folder, sold the property on Captain Whitney Road, Becket to Homebound Publications LLC for $ 24,000.

Marguerite Rizza sold the property on Valley View Road, Becket, to David R. and Sharon E. Sparkowich for $ 22,000.

David D. Wachter sold the property at 1442 Bancroft Road, Becket, to Kevin P. Jennings and Karen Mya Riemer for $ 465,000.

Jonathan M. Ferrin sold 105 County Road, Becket, to Dennis and Catherine LaFlamme for $ 245,000.

John M. and Kathleen M. Rodhouse sold property on Skyline Ridge Road, Becket, to David and Marsha Edell for $ 52,500.

Andrew Fudge sold 151 Lady of the Lake Court, Becket, to Philip Christofori for $ 70,000.


Adams Ambulance Service Inc. sold the property on Route 8, Cheshire, to David T. Prime for $ 35,000.


Marie White Small, Patricia M. VanDeusen, and Catherine A. Dolese sold property at 183 Park Ave., Dalton to Anthony J. and Alexandra B. Barone for $ 230,000.

Pierre C. Goyette Jr. sold the property on Glennon Ave. 52, Dalton, to Colin M. and Mary C. Tierney, $ 301,000.


Anthony J. Battaglia and Virginia Battaglia sold property at 0 Lakeside Drive, Egremont to Dean M. Monteleone and Rochea Monteleone for $ 6,644.

Enid F. Spira sold the property at 27 Town House Hill Road, Egremont, to Stewart Bartner and Claudia Bartner for $ 1,550,000.

Great barrington

Howard W. Jacobs and Jane B. Jacobs sold the 1078 Main St. North, Great Barrington property to Kathy M. Shaw-Smith and David M. Smith, Trustees of the Smith 2019 Family Trust, for $ 720,000.

Susan E. Hawkins and Adam Kerzner sold property at 208 Pleasant St., Great Barrington, to Benjamin Peter Elliot and Cecilia Farley Turner for $ 339,000.

Edwin Roy Eisen, Elaine Eisen and E Company sold the property at Route 23, Great Barrington to Berkshire Natural Resources Council Inc. for $ 79,000.

Linda M. Shafiroff, Trustee of the Blackwater Realty Trust, sold 16 Lake Ave., Great Barrington, to Thomas B. Stockbridge and Jennifer L. Stockbridge for $ 590,000.

CMB Stockbridge Road LLC sold lots 228 and 230 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington to 650 Aaron Management Inc. for $ 1,825,000.

Gary T. Leveille and Audrey M. Leveille sold property at 5 Brook Lane, Great Barrington to Mitchell Leitz for $ 399,000.


Todd M. Driscoll Realty LLC sold 866 Washington Road, Hinsdale, to Meghan Driscoll for $ 300,000.


Frank S. Ostrander sold the property at 144 Balance Rock Road, Lanesborough, to Jordan and Luke Elijah Lane for $ 188,600.

Marc E. and Deanna L. Strout sold property at 214 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Jason Carchedi for $ 250,000.


James E. and Kimberly A. Hunt sold property at 1520 Pleasant St., Lee, to Oona C. Sellew and Joseph B. Scully III for $ 292,000.


Ian S. and Tiffany L. Roberts sold property at 30 Westminster Road, Lenox, to Glenda J. and Ryan P. Bowen for $ 626,000.

Gary A. and Heather L. Blazejewski sold the property at 12 East New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Xiaoxiao and Peter Overton for $ 365,000.

Richard P. and Elizabeth S. Celli sold property on Laurel Lake Road, Lenox to Neubie Springs LLC for $ 100,000.

Robert J. and Anne T. Zuber sold the property at 11 Westminster Road in Lenox to Neal A. Maxymillian for $ 797,500.

Michael G. Zamboni sold the property at 140 West St., Lenox, to Bassameir Edathol and Shahana Muthirikkulam for $ 420,000.


Beth M. D’Alessio sold the 6 West Road, Monterey property to Barrett Nicol for $ 399,000.

Dean P. Amidon Jr., Peter R. Amidon, Phillip B. Amidon, and Jay S. Amidon, Trustees of the Amidon Family Nominee Realty Trust, sold property on Sandisfield Road, Monterey, to Michael J. Fuchs and Simone M. Fuchs, $ 255,000.

New Marlborough

Helga U. Shepard, Suzanne Fields, Lenore J. Shepard, and Glenn M. Shepard sold lots at 0 Mill River Great Barrington Road, Lot 2, New Marlborough, and Lake Buel Road, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Charles Harrison for $ 147,500 .

North Adams

John T. Crosier sold the property at 23 Hall St., North Adams, to Charlene R. Gardner for $ 70,000.

Brian J. Intraversato, trustee of Preeminent Realty Asset and Equity Trust, sold the property at 297 Eagle St., North Adams, to Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC for $ 40,000.

Neil A. and Susan M. Segala sold Massachusetts Avenue, North Adams, to Tracy Secord for $ 33,000.

Christopher F. Jacques and Cathleen M. Beke sold the property at 41 Johnson St., North Adams, to McKenzie Hebert for $ 150,000.

Jodi M. Joseph sold property at 28-30 Frederick St., North Adams, to Beau Anthony and Timothy Lloyd Barela for $ 162,000.


William S. and Janet I. Dow sold Route 8, Otis property to Samuel R. Elander Jr. and Sherry A. Elander for $ 65,000.

David M. Columb and Patricia Anne Larson, formerly known as Patricia Anne Masulli, Trustees of Barclay Hudson Berg Sr. and Bertha Lillian Berg RVT, sold the property on Route 8, Otis, to William T. and Diane Purchase, 55,000 US Dollar.


Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini and Kirt Laforest sold the 210-212 Springside Ave., Pittsfield property to Margaret Ewing Lloyd for $ 192,500.

Kelly J. Holmes, formerly known as Kelly J. Delphia, sold the property at 23 Bromback St., Pittsfield, to June Marie Bromback and Jane Angermeier for $ 207,000.

Peter Economys sold the property at 40 Darlene Ave., Pittsfield, to Kelly J. and Arthur L. Holmes for $ 341,000.

Kenneth E. Duncan sold property 135-137 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Maria I. Rodriguez for $ 149,000.

Lee M. and Marcia L. Albert sold the property at 172 Karen Drive, Pittsfield, to Paul Proshan and Ann M. Norton-Proshan for $ 400,000.

Shree Swaminarayan Inc sold the 970 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield property to Ruby View Management LLC for $ 290,000.

Todd M. Driscoll Realty LLC sold 1605 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield property to Jacob Driscoll for $ 200,000.

Mitchell A. Gladu and Kathryn V. Gladu, formerly known as Kathryn V. Koziara, sold 335 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Hitan M. Patel and Arpita Hitan Patel for $ 240,000.

William D. Cawley, personal representative. of the estate of Dorothy Irene Cawley, sold 48 Churchill Crest, Pittsfield, to John Kennedy and Jennifer L. Kelly for $ 179,900.

Wells Fargo Bank NA sold 38 Winter St., Pittsfield, to Patrick Declan Enright for $ 58,100.

Doris O. Eramo sold 66 Auburn St., Pittsfield property to Ian S. and Tiffany L. Roberts for $ 300,000.

Janet M. Johnson sold the 262 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield property to 219WMR LLC for $ 225,000.

Anthony J. Sinico Jr. sold the property at 51 Nottingham Drive, Pittsfield, to John M. Baker for $ 257,500.


Craig A. and Kim M. Gordnier sold the 2755 State Road, Richmond property to Syed Ashuar Quaseem for $ 290,000.

Sally Benedict Chavarry, personal representative. of the estate of David A. Reynolds, sold properties at 73 Rossiter Road and Rossiter Road, Richmond, to Stuart D. and Shari Sirkin Kaplan for $ 405,000.


Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold the Norfolk Road property, Lot 3-5, Sandisfield, to Richard R. Andrighetti and Carol A. Andrighetti for $ 35,000.

Kenneth P. Johnson and Shelli D. Johnson sold 14 Highland Way, Otis Wood Lands, Lot 92, Sandisfield, to Jeffrey Long and Deborah Long for $ 245,000.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold the Norfolk Road property, Lot 3-1 & 3-2, Sandisfield, to Ronald Hugh Baker and Aki Hirata Baker. $ 99,800.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold the property on Norfolk Road, Sandisfield to South Sandisfield LLC for $ 265,000.


Jennifer Sexton, Leon Greenberg, Jeremy Flatow, Jennifer Flatow, Jonathan Flatow and Sheffield Partners LLP sold property at 121 Hickey Hill Road, Sheffield, to Jeffrey Whitston and Alla Whitston for $ 1,090,000.

Deborah D. Cook sold the property at 48 School St., Sheffield to Keslie Lewis for $ 164,000.

Stewart Bartner and Claudia Bartner sold the property at 710 Bow Wow Road in Sheffield to Michael Edwards and Anna Edwards for $ 799,000.


Jennifer M. Lindsay sold 38 Church St., Stockbridge, to William J. Sheridan III and Eva Sheridan for $ 750,000.

Leonard Snyderman sold 94 East Main St., Stockbridge, to Francis Vincent and Kimberly Kay Towey for $ 150,000.

Petite Maison LLC sold 9 Mahkeenac Heights Road, Stockbridge, to Baruch and Rose Sachs for $ 360,100.

Weston and Ann Hicks sold property at 17 Mahkeenac Terrace, Stockbridge, to David and Ruth Epstein for $ 3,600,000.

West Stockbridge

Sandra J. Kleiner, formerly known as Sandra L. Kleiner, Richard W. Jennings, Thomas E. Jennings, and Rosalie Snyder, sold the property at 7 Long Pond Road, West Stockbridge, to Steven M. Lozyniak and Kathleen K. Quinlan, US $ 320,000 -Dollar.


Annaly Babb-Guerra and Cesar Guerra sold property at 25 Sunset Drive, Williamstown, to Brian Seirup and Letizia Alvisi-Seirup for $ 315,000.

Andreas and Doris M. Karampatsos sold the property at 61 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Stella Giannaris for $ 200,000.

Christopher R. and Nicholas A. Holt sold property on Cold Spring Road, Williamstown to Brian C. and Robin P. Kelleher for $ 18,000.


Todd J. Pelkey, personal representative. of the estate of Donald E. Pelkey, sold the 1153 Cheshire Road, Windsor property to Irene Peirano and Aaron Peirano Garrison for $ 170,000.

FT – family trust

LLC – Limited Partnership

LT – confidence in life

NT – Nominee Trust

RET – Real Estate Trust

RT – Real Estate Trust

RVT – Revocable Trust

Real estate transactions are conducted by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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