Appeal Deadline Set for Falls Church Property Appraisal

FALLS CHURCH, VA — City of Falls Church residents who believe their property was improperly appraised this year have until Friday to appeal their property appraisal.

vocations can be done based on the property’s fair market value, lack of consistency or errors in the property description, the city said.

Residents should consider whether their property could have been sold on January 1, 2022 at the appraised value. If they feel that the property could not be sold for an amount “reasonably” equal to the appraisal, they should consider filing an appeal.

“Simply to say that your house has increased in value too much in a single year is not a legal basis‘ the city said.

Residents should contact the city’s real estate appraisal office before filing an appeal against their property appraisal. The office can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 703-248-5022.

The Church of the City of Falls proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 is calling for a property tax rate cut in response to rising property valuations in the city. Under the budget proposal presented on March 28, the property tax rate for the new fiscal year would decrease by 8.5 cents to $1.235 per $100 appraised value, versus $1.320 per $100 appraised value.

Falls Church City Council is scheduled to adopt its final fiscal year 2023 budget on May 2.

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