Anti-Incineration advocacy group welcomes Scottish Incineration Review

Advocacy group Say No to an incinerator at Barr/Kiloch has welcomed the Scottish Government’s recent independent review of the role of incineration in the country’s waste hierarchy.

Dr. Colin Church found that incineration’s current position in the hierarchy as “preferable to other forms of residual waste treatment, but less desirable than waste reduction and recycling” is correct.

The review further suggests that Scotland should “restrict the granting of further building permits for incineration infrastructure”, with an “indicative ceiling” being developed for Scotland’s residual waste treatment needs. This should decrease “as Scotland moves towards a fully circular economy”.

On May 17th, a stakeholder meeting was held with Dr. Colin Church to discuss the findings of the review. Say No asked if the report’s recommendations would provide clarification on the group’s call to stop the incinerator at Barr Environmental’s Killoch site.

The group referred to recommendation four, which states that planning permission for incineration infrastructure can be granted under the review, provided construction is offset by equal or greater capacity closures.

Church responded: “The point of recommendation four is that over time facilities will close, operational facilities will close and those closure facilities could be replaced. It is not intended to replace anything that is not in use.

“So if accepted by the Scottish Government, the recommendations would mean that the planning application for the Energy from Waste (EfW) moving grate incinerator at Killoch should not be granted.”

In a statement, Say No said: “This provides us with complete clarity that the Killoch incinerator was considered a new application in the review and was not intended to replace the capacity of the previously approved incinerator at Killoch as it was not built or in place Operation.”

Say No activist Annie Hood added: “The words of Dr. Church was music to my ears. What a relief to know that Dr. Church, after examining all the evidence, decided against Barr’s proposal for an incinerator at Killoch.

“I hope the Scottish Government is listening and that the confirmation of the refusal is made public to reassure residents that this terrible threat is now over.”

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