African American Heritage Corridor receives funding

BUFFALO, NY – Approximately $800,000 will benefit Buffalo’s African American Heritage Corridor.

The money comes from the recently unveiled Omnibus spending package and is intended to help preserve historic sites, create new jobs and boost investment in the region.

US Senator Chuck Schumer says $500,000 will go to Niagara Freedom Station Coalition. They will use the funding to revitalize and repair Michigan Street Baptist Church.

“Investing in the Michigan Street Heritage Corridor is not just preserving Buffalo’s past, it’s also investing in Buffalo’s future,” said Senator Schumer. “I am proud to have secured $800,000 to finalize the repair and restoration of the historic Baptist Church and develop the strategic plan to create new jobs and spur economic growth for Buffalo’s East Side and the wider region. This funding is a down payment and investment in finally realizing the long-cherished dreams and vision for this Queen City’s crown jewel.”

The other $300,000 will allow community leaders and economic planners to develop long-term strategies for the area.

The primary goal of the funding is to increase the number of black-owned businesses in Michigan Street neighborhoods and create new business opportunities along the Heritage Corridor.

“We are thrilled with his confidence in our continued growth and momentum,” said Terry Alford, executive director of the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor. “Economic development is a critical component that drives economic growth in any economy, creating new start-up businesses and mid- to high-wage jobs and enabling an improved quality of life sorely needed in the historically troubled areas of the city of Buffalo – -particularly on the east side of the city, where Michigan Avenue is located. These allocated funds ($300,000) will support economic development efforts that increase non-tourism entrepreneurial opportunities along the Heritage Corridor, including innovative technologies and digital media, life sciences and healthcare, Manufacturing and Business Services.”

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