A three story, single tower condominium is listed on the Toronto real estate market


The 2,100-square-foot unit in a historic church is a unique alternative to all of the low-rise houses listed at sky-high prices

Bosley real estate

Toronto property prices are rising again, and the limited supply leaves potential buyers weighing their options between a million dollar condo or a low rise for nearly double. But then there’s the three-story, 2,100-square-foot apartment in Upper Beach with a huge tower that messes up MLS offerings.

The apartment at 21 Schwanenwick is part of a once historic church that, like so many other attractions across Toronto, has been converted into modern living space with updated mechanics and all new fixings in the kitchens and bathrooms. “They’re pretty unique to people who like character,” says listing agent Jen Laschinger of Bosley Real Estate. “You don’t want to be in the sky in a cookie cutter box.”

Bosley real estate

On one hand, the Grade I listed unit has the white, dark wood, and stainless steel decor that is common on most new homes and condos.

A church condominium with a huge tower is listed on the Toronto real estate market
Bosley real estate

On the other hand, you have exposed bricks, cathedral windows, and a tower that resembles its own bell tower (for those who want to make up for that). The unit also has the convenience of living in a condo when it comes to low maintenance, but also has the benefits of three floors, a finished basement converted into a lounge, front door, porch, deck and deck connect with gas for the grill.

“It offers many advantages like a house without maintenance,” says Laschinger.

The realtor says the home is worth about $ 1,649,000, about half a million more than the seller bought it nearly five years ago. That’s almost the higher average price than ever for a single family home in Toronto real estate.

Real estate prices are rising across Canada, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, with the average sales price across the country increasing 13.9 percent in September year over year.


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