131-acre Delaplane farm is selling for $2.4 million

Hunterleigh was built near Delaplane in the 1800’s and recently sold for more than $2.4 million.

A 131-acre Delaplane farm recently sold for $2.425 million.

Built in the 1800’s, this 6,100 square foot Hunterleigh mansion has six bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths.

The property features a swimming pool, two car garage, paved patio, three bay workshop with a second floor, pond with a garden bridge, specimen trees and mature plants.

Hunterleigh launched in April 2021 with an asking price of $2.9 million Immobilienmakler.com.

Jim Lemon of Washington Fine Properties represented the seller and Scott Buzzelli of Middleburg Real Estate represented the buyer.

The Marshall District sale tops the most recent list of real estate transactions in Fauquier.

The listing also includes the sale of a $1.1 million new home in the Blue Hills Subdivision on Springs Road west of Warrenton.

The Fauquier County District Court Office recorded these real estate transfers from March 23-29:

Cedar Run District

-Philip C. and Mary N. Kasky to Jason and Tara Miller, 4 Acres, Lot 6, The Hills at Old Auburn Subdivision, 8278 Lunsford Road, near Warrenton $865,000.

-RFI WC LC, Steven W. Rodgers as Managing Member of NVR Inc., 0.58 Acres, Lot 84, Phase 2, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, off Meetze Road, near Warrenton, $242,000.

-John P. and Amy M. Connelly to Jose D. Argueta and Veronica Garcia, 2.3 acres, 10399 Messick Road, near Midland, $489,000.

– NVR Inc. to Serbrun W. Hethcox and Whitney L. Thomas, 0.6 acre, Lot 115, Phase 2, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, 6559 Bob White Drive, near Warrenton, $789,265.

-193 Ranch LLC, Nicholas White as managing director, to Colton Farm LLC, 65.6 acres, 47.1 acres, 25 acres, 52.2 acres and 2 acres, Bristersburg Road, near Catlett, $600,000.

– Ahmed Tourky to Cara I. McCarthy and Gregory L. Lefever, Lot 64, Woods at Warrenton Subdivision, 6341 Barn Owl Court, near Warrenton, $780,536.

central district

– Fletcherville LC, Keith N. Fletcher II as Manager, to Kent Capital Ventures LLC, 0.11 Acre, Alexandria Pike, Warrenton, $30,000.

-William C. Cripe to Timothy R. and Sandra L. Boone, 0.46 acre, lot 2, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 6466 Pavilion St., near Warrenton, $519,500.

-IRES VA LLC, Gregory M. Allen as member, to Serina R. Horwat, 0.61 Acre, Lot 69, Phase 3, Ivy Hill Subdivision, 7165 Manor House Drive, near Warrenton, $565,000.

-Amanda G. Sowers to Adam L. and Amy M. Cassandra, 0.54 acre, Lot 203, Addendum to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6481 Lancaster Drive, near Warrenton, $525,000.

District Lee

-Donald L. Shebeyn to Kenya B. Guevara and Cenia S. and Alexander Soriano, 0.75 acre, 7472 Sumerduck Road, near Remington, $285,000.

– John K. Frost and Elizabeth Guttmann to Kurt and Connie Pearson, 42.3 acres, Rogers Ford Road, Sumerduck, $450,000.

– Audrey C. Grove to Eric R. and Deborah B. Grove, 17.5 acres, Sumerduck Road, near Sumerduck, $60,000.

-Donald and Christine Woodson to Judith E. Davis, 10.7 acres, Lot 22, Cooper Communities Division (North Wales), near Warrenton, $325,000.

– John S. Badali Jr. to Evan T. and Heather A. Skowronsky, 1 Acre, 121679 Cemetery Road, near Remington, $370,000.

– Nancy J. Noack to Matthew F. and Heather L. Flanagan, 0.96 Acre, Lot 15, Canterbury Village Subdivision, 7886 Sir Topaz Drive, near Opal, $510,000.

-R. Carl Faller to Donald L. Sherbeyn, 0.58 acre, 6328 Catlett Road, Bealeton, $380,000.

-HVR Inc. to William S. and Debora B. Stewart, 0.23 acres, Lot 146, Phase A, Section 3-B, 4101 Clarke St., Bealeton, $541,495.

-James Scamordella to Kevin Morris, 1.6 acres, 10730 James Madison Highway, near Bealeton, $460,000.

– NVR Inc. to Jocelyn F. and Jose AL Castillo, 0.1 acre, Lot 139, Phase A, Section 3-A, Subdivision Mintbrook, 7624 Hancock St., Bealeton, $514,690.

Marshall District

-Jennifer L. Clinton to Sue E. and Robert G. Setliff, Trustees, 0.38 Acre, 677 Federal St., Paris, $509,900.

-Charles A. Porterfield and Katherine A. Jefferson to Fouad Talout and Theresa A. Costigan, 3.6 Acres, Lot 5-A, Chattins Run North Subdivision, 2855 Chattins Run Lane, Delaplane, $950,000.

-Nick A. and Franche A. Henley to Patrick M. McLamb and Emily Stamm, 0.22 Acre, Lot 13, Stone Crest Subdivision, 9034 Stone Crest Drive, near Warrenton, $953,200.

-Daniel L. Smythe Jr. and others to Amy M. Lodes and Lance E. Gibbons, 14.3 acres, Springs Road, near Warrenton, $300,000.

-Lakeside Homes LLC, Devin T. Finan as Managing Director, to Drew S. and Jacquelin M. Pinilla, 0.91 Acre, Lot 2, Blue Hills Subdivision, 8075 Blue Hills Drive, near Warrenton, $1,100,000 .

-Charles M. Hunter Jr., Trustees, to Patricia F. and Robert A. Earley Jr., 131.6 Acres, 10457 Moreland Road, Delaplane, $2,425,000.

-Brad W. Owens to Andrew and Stefanie Jenkins, 105.2 acres, 35 acres and 50.6 acres, on Leeds Manor Road, near Markham, $600,000.

-David C. Scull, Trustee, to Francois Jean, Lot 69, Waterloo North Subdivision, 7897 Wellington Drive, near Warrenton, $842,000.

– Chadwick J. Moore to Tricia J. and Brian A. Kapinos, 4.7 acres, Lot 2, Moore Division, 7179 Bunker Hill Road, near The Plains, $325,000.

– Old Salem Community Development LLC to Dana Gharib, Lot 12, Phase 1-A, Carters Crossing Subdivision, 8636 Anderson Ave., Marshall, $767,730.

Scott District

-Fairfax Street LLC, Leslie A. Farley as a member, to Mary K. and Leon D. Yates Jr., Unit 101, Phase 91, Suffield Meadows Condominiums, 6696 Club House Lane, near Warrenton, $339,000.

-P&L 21 LLC to Amanda E. McDonald, 1.4 acres, 7348 John Marshall Highway, near The Plains, $378,000.

-John and Christy Wisor to Nicholas Lucent and Angeliki Tsivolas, 11.4 acres, Evergreen Mountain Road, near Broad Run, $500,000.

-John C. Turnbull to Kristopher and Tessa Adler, 1 Acre, 6657 Blackwell Road, near Warrenton, $450,000.

-FS Development LLC, Devin Finan as Manager, at NVR Inc., 29,749 sq. ft., Broad Run Church Road, near New Baltimore, $320,000.

– Peter G. and Lee A. Bisutti to Patrick and Altagrace Szymkowicz, 0.92 Acre, Lot 5, Forest Hills Subdivision, 7285 Grays Mill Road, near Warrenton, $565,000.

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