Whether it’s a volunteer or a professional humanitarian project, it’s been a while since the idea of ​​undertaking a humanitarian journey is in your head and you have finally found the purpose of your mission.

The determination is there, availability is no longer a concern, and your budget is well established. However, you still do not dare to take the first step and you keep pushing back the date of your departure, because a problem remains: its financing.

A humanitarian trip via crowdfunding

A humanitarian trip via crowdfunding

One of the first options available to you is to launch a crowdfunding campaign, in other words a fundraiser from investors or donors. As part of a humanitarian trip, it is a practical funding tool that allows you to bring many people around your cause and to participate in a symbolic way. In Belgium, you can get closer to one of these Good Lender platforms. 

In order to gather as many contributors as possible, we must be able to propose an original, innovative and unifying idea. For this, several ways are available. For example, you can keep a daily or weekly blog allowing all of your funders to follow the course of your mission. You can also make a film at the end of your humanitarian stay summarizing your experience, in which the names of your sponsors can appear. For all that relates to the creation of a charitable project, these examples of ideas are good ways to offer in return a recognition to the different contributions received.

The request for a personal loan


Undertaking a humanitarian trip is really not easy because it can be very expensive. Indeed, depending on its duration and where you want to go for your mission, you will probably need a substantial initial financial base. In the case of a really limited budget, do not hesitate to turn to the banks, because they often have the answer to your needs, and this through interesting offers of personal loan.

Learn about the different types of loans that are available to you, and do not hesitate to compare all available offers on the market to choose the interest rates and fixed monthly payments that are best for you. As a result, your budget will be more precisely defined and this will allow you to get rid of any concerns about your finances!



Remember that your humanitarian trip can also benefit many other institutions and businesses of all kinds! So, do not hesitate to mount a more solid file and go looking for sponsors who have an interest in supporting your cause and will be ready to finance it.

As a method to follow, you can follow the following points:

  • Undertake intensive research on companies with interests similar to those of your project
  • Think about how much profit you can make
  • Make a complete list of all your potential sponsors
  • Make sure to stand out from the crowd by offering something unique in your file

Also keep in mind that you always have the opportunity to use the media as a force in your project. They will certainly allow you to reach a wider audience, and thus give greater visibility to the fundraising for your humanitarian trip.

Grants from humanitarian organizations and local authorities

Grants from humanitarian organizations and local authorities

However, financial assistance from the state or major humanitarian agencies is significant. Indeed, you can make the request by contacting those likely to adhere to your design.


For example, the latter is proposing a grant called “ECHO” which provides emergency assistance to the most vulnerable people in third countries.

In addition to humanitarian organizations, you can also approach cultural communities, your region, province and / or municipality. And this, with the aim of offering them to collaborate with you and thus obtain a subsidized help for your idea. T out as sponsors, to you to find the pearl that will agree to support you throughout this incredible experience.

Personal financing

Personal financing

After all, you are master of your destiny. So why not try to use your savings wisely, or play your own relationships? Who knows, perhaps there is someone in your circle (family, friends, or acquaintance) already willing to help you or promote your idea to other people greater power of influence, such as famous personalities or ambassadors of humanitarian movements.

It’s up to you to take the lead, and start planning for the financing of your humanitarian journey today that will stay in your memory forever!

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